Hi-P – A Little Too High?

30th June, 2017, 8:48 AM

Hi-P – A Little Too High?

Hi-P June 2017
Hi-P June 2017

Hi-P a tech related stock tried to rebound after hitting the 50 days moving average support. It rebound and couldn’t close above the previous support which turned to a resistance now. It closed at 0.905 just at the resistance.

We’ll be looking for a short as long as Hi-P stays below 0.905 with a cut loss of 0.965 and with a possible downside target of 0.845 then 0.795. We’ll ensure that there is enough liquidity first.

We’ll be using poems CFD and not doing naked short.




Thank You All

25th June, 2017, 11:43 PM
Kelwin presenting his view on the Stock Market.
Kelwin presenting his view on the Stock Market.
Roy educating on the use of CFD.
Roy educating on the use of CFD.

We’ll like to thank those who made time to come down for our workshop and we hoped that you all took home some valuable lessons.

We’ll be organizing another one soon so do stay tune in case you missed the first one.

Some have been asking us why there was no updates recently and that is because we’re working hard on our upcoming market outlook and sharing engagement for our clients this coming thursday.

Focusing our attention on that for now.

Our local market will be closed on Monday ( 26th June) .

We like to take this time to wish our Muslim friends Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri. Have a restful Monday.






Trading success: Identify Stocks with a winning edge (Registration link attached)

15th June, 2017, 12:43 PM


IMG_9826 (2)

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  • Sharing on Other technical stock trading fundamentals with specific stock analysis and examples:
    1. How to identify Potential Entry, Stop Loss and Target Profit Zone on Long and Short Positions. 
    2. How to Short Sell Stocks using CFDs so that you will be prepared for the next market pullback like our recently post on Wilmar

Again, This Session is absolutely FREE. We don’t believe in piling up unnecessary course fees and would like to have a casual sharing on some analysis and to have a personal touch point with you, our readers.

You are certainly more than welcome to come with a friend who can also benefit from this. Do NOT give this opportunity a miss!

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Food Empire – Bingo Once Again

15th June, 2017, 1:00 AM

Food Empire – Bingo Once AgainFood Empire

Food Empire was a stock that we were analyzing on 31st May and mentioning that some down side were would good. It broke below our horizontal support of 0.725 and went to our target of 0.67. That’s close to a 7% drop. Using Poems Cfd to short would enable shortist to hold their position for more than a day. Taking some profit would be wise too.

Food Empire saw some rebound after hitting our support line and we might see some rebound maybe to 0.7 area. We will be watching now to see if 0.67 support holds and if that doesn’t then we might see more downside to 0.64. We’ll watch and see.

We’ll be holding a workshop very soon to share with all our readers very simple trend lines that we use which we post on our blog. Do stay tune.

Yours Humbly


Alliance Mineral – Which Side Are You On?

14th June, 2017, 1:09 AM

alliance minerals

Alliance Mineral a lithium related stock and a stock that we been covering since Jan is seeing some interest today. It has seen an increased in volume today which is something to watch for.

Alliance Mineral is currently resisted by the downtrend line and we’re looking to see if it can break above that. If it can stay above 0.365 we might see more upside. Our stop loss would be around 0.31.

Note that Alliance Mineral is placed under the trading restriction of poems do trade with caution. Always be alert and ensure that whenever one trades he/she buys at comfortable level and have the ability to pay up in case anything happens.

Do contact us if you want to know more about trading restriction and how to have a safe trade plan.





Wheelock Properties – First Target Met

11th June, 2017, 11:38 PM


Wheelock Properties has reached our first resistance of 1.935 since we blogged on it last Tuesday . It broke its resistance of 1.895 and move up to 1.935. We would take some profit at 1.935 and hold some to see if it can break 1.935 to test 1.98.

Trading plan is important as we have talked about many times in our post. Using simple support resistance and support lines helps to guide our profit taking and stop loss.

Do contact us if you want to know more about having a trade plan and using trend lines to help sharpen your trading.




Wing Tai – Flying High On Rumors?

9th June, 2017, 1:16 AM

Wing Tai – Flying High On Rumors?WingTai

Wing Tai was a property related stock which we brought to your attention just on Tuesday along side with Wheelock during our post. It had a nice run up of about 3.5% today which is very decent.

Whats the reason for that? Could it be the disposal of Winnanmax Investment to Xu Chang Co which was out on Tuesday?

Or could it be rumors of privatisation?? Either way lets look at the chart and play accordingly.

On Tuesday we mentioned to turn your attention to Wing Tai too as rumors could be going around for it to be privatize. The horizontal resistance of 1.945 was then broken on that day which was an entry point. It wasn’t the best closing on Tuesday but on Wednesday it did show some signs of recovery which eventually led to the nice movement today. Our next target might be 2.08.

If you were unsure of how to enter Wing Tai do CONTACT US and we’ll be happy to guide you along.





Wilmar – Dropping Near To Our Target

8th June, 2017, 12:22 AM

Wilmar – Dropping Near To Our Target

Wilmar June 2017

Wilmar a STI Index stock was a stock we posted back on 29th May on our blog. Slow and Steady the way we like it and down she goes very near to our target of 3.48 now. A nice drop in two weeks. We have shown how we managed a trade and with our target in sight this is when we might consider taking some profit off the table .

Wilmar has also broken the 200ma which is a technically a bad sign and more downside might come. But we will stay vigilant and cover all the shorts if we spot some rebound coming. This can only be judged during the trading day and if you want to know more just contact us here




Wheelock Properties – A Potential Candidate For Privatisation?

6th June, 2017, 12:44 AM

Wheelock Properties – A Potential Candidate For Privatisation? wheelock

Wheelock Properties was covered in Phillip Capital research report of being a potential candidate for privatisation and more can be read here.

With rumors of privatisation let’s look at the chart and see how we can play to this rumor .

Wing tai could be another privatisation counter. So do take a look at it too.

For wheelock Properties its horizontal resistance is  at 1.895 and breaking above that might see it move higher to 1.935. 1.98 would be the swing high.

Some might say that the price is very high now so do ensure you got your proper stop loss in place. Managing your stop loss is of utmost importance.

A stop loss could be placed at 1.825. Remember trade management is key.




Kelwin and Roy [Phillip Securities 2016 Top 10 Trading Representative]

1st June, 2017, 10:26 PM

Kelwin and Roy awarded
Top 10 Trading Representative of
Phillip Securities 2016

Phillip Securities 2016 Top 10 Trading Representative - Kelwin And Roy
Roy and Kelwin with Phillip Securities Chairman Mr Lim Hua Min at Phillip Securities 2016 Top 10 Trading Representative Award Event.

Being awarded the Top 10 Trading Representative in Phillip Securities for 2016 was a delightful experience that we will never forget! This marks a significant and important milestone in our (12 years combined) careers as Remisiers. We are truly grateful that our efforts and professional services to our clients have paid off.

Looking back to where we first started – our infancy months as remisiers were tough and definitely not an easy walk in the park. Early in our careers, we incurred a huge contra loss (>$100k) due to a client bankruptcy. Needless to say, it was a devastating setback. However, we remained positive and barrelled through with our heads high and our chins up.  With sheer determination and blessings from God, we continued delivering our best efforts to our clients and strived to provide excellent service.

Receiving this award is a testament not only to our track record, but also to our will and mental resilience in coming out of the red (literally!). Over the years, we have serviced numerous clients who trust us and we are ever grateful to their loyal support and partnership with us. Thank you for your belief and contribution to where we stand today. Our accomplishment has not only inspired us to continue providing better and more innovative service to our clients, but has also given birth to this blog.

The blog was created from our desire to reach out to you, our readers. If you have been following us for the past year or just happened to stop by, give us 5 more minutes for us to tell you who we are and what we stand for.

Hopefully, you get a better idea of why we are doing this and how this might just benefit you.


So who we are?

Kelwin and Roy have been licensed remisiers and joined Phillips Securities at the same time. Working together for the past 6 years has strengthened their abilities and skills, while learning to support one another in this professional partnership.

Kelwin Roy
Kelwin with his award.
Kelwin with his well deserved award.

Kelwin is married to a beautiful wife, and they have a lovely daughter who turns 1 in May 2017. Before switching to be a licensed remisier, Kelwin worked at a bank for 2 years. Stocks and trading have always been a strong passion of his since his school days. Just one year after joining Phillips Securities, Kelwin was awarded Top CFD rookie in 2012. And went on to clinch the Most Improve Trading Representative Award in 2014. In his free time, he enjoys working out in the gym and swimming with his daughter.

Roy with his award.
Roy with his well deserved award.

Roy was in the Aviation Industry for 5 years before switching to be a licensed remisier with Phillips. With much experience in the US market, Roy has seen through many market ups and downs. Having seen the market crash from the collapse of Lehman Brothers on his birthday of 15 Sep 2008 has taught him that having a disciplined trading plan is crucial. Roy is happily married with a baby boy who just turned 1 in April 2017. He was also accolade the Most Improve Trading Representative Award in 2014. In his free time, he enjoy swimming and hiking with his family.

And why we’re doing this?

First, we are highly passionate about the stock market and want to deliver as much knowledge that we have to our clients. We are motivated and believe in giving our best efforts for maximal client benefit! Motivated


Secondly, we believe that knowledge should be free and we share it with all. For too long have we seen people being charged thousands of dollars for courses, only to still lose money  after attending them. Many empty promises have been made leading to broken dreams. This to us is a sad outcome.

In our opinion, the only course fee you should pay is to the market. There should be no stress or pressure to try and recover “course fees” after attending them. We want you to have a clear mind and a stress-free trading environment. In our blog, we never mention courses or payment in our posts.

In our blog sharing, we always put our ideas on a forward looking basis rather than giving hindsight analysis and commentaries. Hindsight will forever be perfect and can be dangerous as well as misleading. Our readers have benefited from learning technical analysis and understanding how the stock market works.

All you need to do is just have an account with us via Contact us and we will guide you in this journey.

Thirdly, we believe in value adding to our clients. Rather than just receiving daily research reports, we invite our clients to our regular client seminars where we share widely on the latest market directions, investment/trading ideas, and products training (such as how to use CFD and advanced order types for proper risk management.)

Additionally, we also provide timely stock market updates and the latest tactical trade ideas to clients via WhatsApp delivery. Doing so has allowed us to reach out to our clients rapidly, and has been a strong key feature of our service which is appreciated by many of our clients. We understand the evolution of technology and use it to our advantage.



Service with a heart. Last of all, we have matured from our past experience and with our current “Family Man” status, we place a huge emphasis on the important of Risk Management.

This principle is reflected in our trading ideas and guidance.

We want our clients to make successful trades and ultimately grow their wealth with us!



Act now!
If you like to enjoy these services together,
or like to know more about us ,
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Kelwin and Roy