Wheelock Prop – [ $1.72 Downside Target Met, Watching For Next Break]

1st June, 2018, 8:27 AM

Wheelock Prop – [ $1.72 Downside Target Met, Watching For Next Break]
Wheelock 1st June 2018

Chart Source: Poemsview 1st June 2018

Wheelock took a tumble yesterday and fell over 3%.

Wheelock broke its horizontal support of $1.77 and fell further to $1.72

We’re glad we managed to catch the downside and of course informed our EXCLUSIVE CLIENTS of the fall when it broke its horizontal support of $1.77.  

Heavy volume could be seen too which might help in breaking our support of $1.72 to take us to $1.65.

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Wheelock Properties – First Target Met

11th June, 2017, 11:38 PM


Wheelock Properties has reached our first resistance of 1.935 since we blogged on it last Tuesday . It broke its resistance of 1.895 and move up to 1.935. We would take some profit at 1.935 and hold some to see if it can break 1.935 to test 1.98.

Trading plan is important as we have talked about many times in our post. Using simple support resistance and support lines helps to guide our profit taking and stop loss.

Do contact us if you want to know more about having a trade plan and using trend lines to help sharpen your trading.




Wheelock Properties – A Potential Candidate For Privatisation?

6th June, 2017, 12:44 AM

Wheelock Properties – A Potential Candidate For Privatisation? wheelock

Wheelock Properties was covered in Phillip Capital research report of being a potential candidate for privatisation and more can be read here.

With rumors of privatisation let’s look at the chart and see how we can play to this rumor .

Wing tai could be another privatisation counter. So do take a look at it too.

For wheelock Properties its horizontal resistance is  at 1.895 and breaking above that might see it move higher to 1.935. 1.98 would be the swing high.

Some might say that the price is very high now so do ensure you got your proper stop loss in place. Managing your stop loss is of utmost importance.

A stop loss could be placed at 1.825. Remember trade management is key.