Best World – In It’s Own World?

31st July, 2017, 11:14 PM

Best World – In It’s Own World?BW

Best World, currently sitting on the uptrend line that we drew.  It had a flushed last Friday to the uptrend support line and rebound from there. Even with market going up and down best world seems to be well supported

If Best World can clear 1.55 we might see it test the high of 1.60 again. Its results will be out on 7th Aug (Next Monday) after market. Recently counters like china aviation , china sunsine were some stocks that had heavy profit taking after their results were released. So do take note of the risk going closer into results day.

Our stop loss would be 1.47





Oxley- 4th Time Testing

24th July, 2017, 11:57 PM

Oxley- 4th Time Testingoxley

After a very good run for KSH we’re now looking at Oxley.

Oxley  is testing our downtrend line which we drawn for the fourth time. If it breaks out we might see it move higher to 0.61. We’ll be watching to see if that line can break if not it might retrace back to our lower channel support line.

The breakout point changes everyday so if you want a ‘live’ update simply Contact Us and we’ll guide you through the trading day.




STI- [ No Action Taken Yet]

18th July, 2017, 12:09 AM

STI- [ No Action Taken Yet]sTI

Our Straits Times Index or STI had a huge run on Friday partly due to the huge gap up for GLP which enabled it to break through the consolidation it had  for the last 2 months. It broke the horizontal support and could now be aiming for 3300 then 3350.

Admittedly there was no chance for any shorts as STI just burst up but of course we managed to look for other counters to ride the upside.

STI didn’t follow our plan so we’re saved this round. Remember its always important to have a trade plan. We’ll share more this coming Wednesday on how important is it to have a proper road map and trade plan in order to trade well.

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KSH- [ Yet Another Target Met, A Beautiful Trade]

17th July, 2017, 12:27 AM

KSH- [ Yet Another Target Met, A Beautiful Trade]KSH

KSH reached our third target of $1 as previously blogged and even went to $1.01. A beautiful trade of about 8% upside for the week and we hope that you learnt something useful from it. How volume and resistance works.

Our next target might be around $1.04-1.05 and we’ll shift our trailing stop up now to either 0.975 or $1. *Hint* Watching the closing is crucial.

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KSH – [Spotted Before the Gap Up Today, Closing In To Our Second Target]

13th July, 2017, 11:51 PM

KSH – [Spotted Before the Gap Up Today, Closing In To Our Second Target]KSH

KSH had a nice gap up today just two days after we blogged about it. It gaped above the 20 days moving average and also our horizontal resistance line of 0.93.  A nice upside then followed which hit our first target of 0.955 and closed above it.

We will put a trailing stop now at 0.93 so the worse case scenario is losing 0.05 cents. But of course we will be watching the market during the day to see if we need to take profit along the way. Remember flexibility is important too.

Our next target would be 0.975 then 0.995-1 as this might be a psychological level and there would be some resistance here.

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13th July, 2017, 8:18 AM

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Straits Times Index – At A Pivotal Point

13th July, 2017, 12:24 AM

Straits Times Index – At A Pivotal PointsTI

We’ve been asked by many on our views on the straits times index or STI for short and thought we’ll just do a short sharing over here.

From our chart the immediate support of STI would be around 3200. Many eyes are on it and the moment it stays below that, it might attract  shortist to come in.

STI has been ranging between 3258 region and 3200 for the last 2 months with no real direction. So if a break were to occur this might set the tone for a pullback. The 20 days MA is sloping down and have cut the 50ma too which in a technical term means the direction might be down. This hasn’t occurred since late last year. Dow, Nasdaq all have been making new high but our Straits Times Index hasn’t seem to make any new high.

With each rebound STI can’t seem to break out too. So lets watch to see which levels play out. We got our next few levels of support drawn. And would be ready in the case if STI starts to fall. The 200ma would be our final support. The banks which have largely been supporting the STI also seems to be pulling back.

We’ll be using Poems CFD and did you know that poems is the only stockbroker in Singapore that offers the Straits Times Index for trading? =)

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KSH – A Rise in Volume

10th July, 2017, 11:20 AM

KSH – A Rise in VolumeKSH

KSH a well established construction and property development has seen some increased in volume in the morning. Its close to mid day and the volume looks rather healthy. Hence it has caught our attention.

The resistance for KSH is at 0.93 and a break above that might see it move towards our two potential resistance at 0.955 then 0.975. A good breakout would be for it to hold above 0.93.

Our stop loss would be at 0.885.




Capitaland – Where To Now?

5th July, 2017, 12:55 AM

Capitaland – Where To Now? capitaland

Capitaland a property stock has been testing the short term downtrend that we drew a few times and can’t seem to break out from it yet.

If it fails to break we might see it head down towards 3.45 and if that horizontal support breaks then we might eventually see 3.39.

If it breaks above the downtrend line then Capitaland might face a few hurdle to cross . One of which is the  50 days moving average and the other uptrend line we drew.  So a stop loss above 3.58 can be placed.