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1st June, 2017, 9:59 PM

Benefits of Being Our Client


First, Kelwin & Roy are highly passionate about the stock market and want to deliver as much knowledge that we have to our clients. We are motivated and believe in giving our best efforts for maximal client benefit! Motivated


Secondly, Kelwin & Roy believe that knowledge should be free and we share it with all. For too long have we seen people being charged thousands of dollars for courses, only to still lose money after attending them. Many empty promises have been made leading to broken dreams. This to us is a sad outcome.

In our opinion, the only course fee you should pay is to the market. There should be no stress or pressure to try and recover “course fees” after attending them. We want you to have a clear mind and a stress-free trading environment. In our blog, we never mention courses or payment in our posts.

In our blog sharing, we always put our ideas on a forward-looking basis rather than giving hindsight analysis and commentaries. Hindsight will forever be perfect and can be dangerous as well as misleading. Our readers have benefited from learning technical analysis and understanding how the stock market works.

All you need to do is just have an account with us via Contact us and we will guide you in this journey.

Thirdly, Kelwin & Roy believe in value adding to our clients. Rather than just receiving daily research reports, we invite our clients to our regular client seminars where we share widely on the latest market directions, investment/trading ideas, and products training (such as how to use CFD and advanced order types for proper risk management.)

Additionally, we also provide timely stock market updates and the latest tactical trade ideas to clients via WhatsApp delivery. Doing so has allowed us to reach out to our clients rapidly, and has been a strong key feature of our service which is appreciated by many of our clients. We understand the evolution of technology and use it to our advantage.



Service with a heart. Last of all, we have matured from our past experience and with our current “Family Man” status, we place a huge emphasis on the important of Risk Management.

This principle is reflected in our trading ideas and guidance.

We want our clients to make successful trades and ultimately grow their wealth with us!


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