Food Empire – Bingo Once Again

15th June, 2017, 1:00 AM

Food Empire – Bingo Once AgainFood Empire

Food Empire was a stock that we were analyzing on 31st May and mentioning that some down side were would good. It broke below our horizontal support of 0.725 and went to our target of 0.67. That’s close to a 7% drop. Using Poems Cfd to short would enable shortist to hold their position for more than a day. Taking some profit would be wise too.

Food Empire saw some rebound after hitting our support line and we might see some rebound maybe to 0.7 area. We will be watching now to see if 0.67 support holds and if that doesn’t then we might see more downside to 0.64. We’ll watch and see.

We’ll be holding a workshop very soon to share with all our readers very simple trend lines that we use which we post on our blog. Do stay tune.

Yours Humbly


Food Empire – Some Pullback Would Be Good

31st May, 2017, 11:59 PM

Food Empire – Some Pullback Would Be Good Food Empire

Food Empire an uptrend stock had a good run but we feel that some pullback would be good for this stock.

It has broken its short term uptrend line and today it broke its horizontal support of 0.725.

We’re looking at a possible downside to the 20ma or 0.67. Our stop loss would be at 0.785. Breaking that might see Food Empire continue its uptrend.

Remember we’ll use Poems CFD for short and not naked short.