Hi-P – [ 3 Reasons Why Stop Loss Is So Important]

14th June, 2018, 3:07 PM

Hi-P – [ 3 Reasons Why Stop Loss Is So Important]

Chart Source: Poemsview 14th June 2018

Hi-P just got sold off again and ever since we had to stop loss, Hi-P continued its slide down of  almost 8%.

Stop loss is a very important discipline to have and we cannot emphasize how crucial it is for us.

Not having Stop loss is kind of like driving without a seatbelt, dangerous eh? You won’t take a chance and would buckle up every time you enter the car. So why take a chance in trading too? Cutting loss is not all bad, here’s why.

  1. Cutting loss frees your mind, it takes off the stress of anticipating if the stock will rebound or not and it sets your emotions free. No longer are you a hostage of the trade. And having a clear mind when trading is very important too.
  2. It Caps your downside loss. So often many traders have a good winning streak but all it takes is one big lossing trade to wipe off that gain. It’s not worth it. Cap your losses so that it will not eat into your profits.
  3. It instills discipline! When you are able to stop loss and practise such good habits it will go a long way in your  trading journey and even in life. Not second guessing and willing to stop loss are a mark of a good trader.

So, cutting loss is not that bad after all right? With a sound trade plan, a trader is already prepared for any downside eventuality.

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Hi-P – [ Rebound Not Sustained ]

8th June, 2018, 3:12 PM

Hi-P – [ Rebound Not Sustained ]

Chart Source : Poemsview 8th June 2018

Hi-P was a stock which we were watching for a rebound and was hoping for a healthy rebound to at least $1.50 from our previous post.

That didn’t happen as hi-p rebound to $1.47 and started to fall back down.

As usual, we also inform our clients when the stock comes down and hit our stop loss. This further enforces the need for a stop loss and we are there to constantly remind them.

Nothing to hide as we want to be transparent and responsible to our clients. If anyone can be 100% right do let us know??

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Market Outlook & Sharing Engagement for Second Quarter 2018

23rd May, 2018, 7:30 PM

Awesome April as some traders might have describe it.

April a traditionally good month for equities made no exception this year as our Straits Times Index moved up over 8% in this April from March. This observation was posted on our blog at the start of April for all to read and
orientate themselves better.

Did you position yourself for the rebound in April or was caught on the other end?


Oil and Banking sector had one of the strongest rebound but will it continue?


Now that April is over, what will the coming months entail?


Soccer World Cup is around the corner and what will happen to the market then?


How should You position yourself? And what sectors should we be looking at?


If you’re searching for answers then come 23rd May. Let our Top Tier Remisiers from Phillip Securities: Kelwin&Roy answer them for you.


With over 16 years of combined experience and numerous awards under their belt with the most recent being awarded the Top 10 Trading Representives in Phillip Securities, they bring their candid and simple sharing to everyone.


Using simple technical analysis, they have spotted the rebounds for the past few months as documented in their blog without any hindsight. For instance, during their client’s 1st Qtr market outlook seminar on 27th Feb they analysed that STI would be supported at 3340 which indeed STI bottomed out on 4th Apr with a day low of 3338 before rebounding and successfully retesting Jan’s high, which was again analysed on their blog on 18 Apr with STI reaching a new 10 Year high at 3641 in early May.


Come 23rd May and they will be sharing their market outlook in the coming months, the sectors to be looking at and also how to join their Vibrant Community of traders.


And for the first time ever they will be opening this event to the Public for their Insightful Quarterly Market Outlook Event.


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Sembcorp Marine – [ Up 5% Since Entry, 2 Simple Steps To Follow Now]

14th May, 2018, 8:05 PM

Sembcorp Marine – [ Up 5% Since Entry, 2 Simple Steps To Follow Now]Sembcorp Marine 14th May 2018

Chart Souce: Poemsview 14th May 2018

Sembcorp Marine moved up 5% since our entry of $2.14 last wednesday. Oil remains above $70 which could continue to bring some momentum for our oil counters. Sembcorp Marine being one of the few blue chip counters listed on SGX hence it is one  of the traders go to when oil moves.

Our exclusive clients were informed of this trade step up since last wednesday at $2.14

2 Simple Steps Now: 

  1. We raise our upside target to $2.30
  2. Ensure protective stop of $2.18 area

With these steps we would ensure that we are well cushioned just in case of any wide swing. We would continue to push our protective stop if Sembcorp Marine pushes up.

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UMS – [ Another Electronic Stock To Hit Our Target, Anymore? ]

11th April, 2018, 11:59 PM

UMS – [ Another Electronic Stock To Hit Our Target, Anymore? ] UMS 11th April 2018

Chart Source: Poemsview 11th April 2018

UMS another electronic stock to hit our first target of $1.19.

UMS hits our target of $1.19 and started retracing! Our exclusive clients were informed yesterday of UMS when it started to rebound at $1.14.

As market still has some volatility our personal view is to lock in some profit just to be safe as one would never know when the market might take another quick downturn.

We would still consider UMS as an uptrend stock as long as it doesn’t break our uptrend line. As long as it stays above that we’re hopefully that our $1.24 target might be met.

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Olam – [ Hitting Our Second Target, Anymore? ]

10th April, 2018, 11:21 PM

Olam – [ Hitting Our Second Target, Anymore? ]

Chart Source: Poemsview 10th April 2018

Olam hit our second target of $2.40 in less than a week when we spotted it  and retraced shortly after. Hitting resistance and having some profit taking is normal as part of an uptrend process. Taking some profit off the table is never wrong as we reminded our clients to do so.

Olam might consolidate around the $2.35 levels before it continues its upwards march. A break above $2.40 might see it move up to $2.46.

Remember to have your trailing stop in place too to protect your profits.

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Yzj ShipBldg – [ Turning The Corner? ]

9th April, 2018, 8:04 PM

Yzj ShipBldg – [ Turning The Corner? ]Yzj Shipbldg 9th April 2018

Chart Source: Poemsview 9th April 2018

Yzj Shipbldg one of singapore’s hottest stock had recently been sold down but could a rebound be on the cards?

A nice base has been formed around the $1.13 region and it has broken above its short term downtrend line today too. What would be ideal is that if today’s volume supersedes the previous few days.

But of course as our exclusive clients were informed earlier on at the $1.15 region their margin of safety is there and their risk reward ratio is good too.

Now that Yzj Shipbldg has moved up our potential target remains at $1.21 then $1.26. Our support would be around $1.13. We will continue to monitor the volatility of the market taking profits fast and adhering to a strict stop loss. These are key to survive such volatility.

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Straits Times Index – [ Not Out Of The Woods Yet]

8th April, 2018, 10:46 PM

Straits Times Index – [ Not Out Of The Woods Yet]Straits Times Index 8th April 2018

Chart Souce : Poemsview 8th April 2018

Straits Times Index had a good closing on Friday despite the weak sentiments flowing through. But the true test comes next week.

We’re still not out of the woods yet as the Straits Times Index hasn’t cross the horizontal resistance of around 3443 to cover the gap and to cross the next hurdle which is the downtrend line.

Friday night negative close on Dow Jones might see selling to the start of the week and our support for the STI would be around 3340 area.

For now we would be very nimble in the market, taking profit fast and cutting loss fast too. Never let your losses run as we might not know how far the downside can be.

US earnings are coming out this week couple with the ongoing trade war one would have to be fast and alert in this current market. Sentiments can turn around very fast so don’t be caught off guard.

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Straits Times Index – [ A New Quarter Unfolds]

1st April, 2018, 10:29 PM

Straits Times Index – [ A New Quarter Unfolds] Straits Times Index 1st April 2018

Chart Source: Poemsview 1st April 2018

Straits Times Index or STI for short had a shaky first quarter and have  caused some panic amongst investors/traders. Its understandable why people are giving up on the market due to the whipsaw. Volatility has been increasing and frequent whipsaws are wiping trades out.

One advise we could give to our readers is to remain calm. Don’t overreact and be over bearish when the market comes down as you can see market rebound rather fast after a drop.

Be prepared to take profit fast and have a cut loss in mind too. Never let your loss run beyond control. You’ll be setting yourself up for a disappointing end.

If we observe the month of April for the STI we might see that for the last few years the straits times index tends to be moving up. Will history repeats itself? No one can be sure.

STI has a few hurdle to cross in order for its uptrend to continue. It has to first cover the gap at around 3443 after which the downtrend line which might be around 3500 level.

Its downside might be to the 200ma which has not been broken for the last 1 year. A break below that could either trigger more selling or a fake break down to around 3360 level.

We are cautiously optimistic but might change our trading plan fast to capitalize on the market’s movements.

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Trading Seminar – 31 Jan 2018 [Trading success: Identify Stocks with a winning edge]

31st January, 2018, 8:00 AM

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