Olam – [ YUM YUM! More Upside? ]

3rd June, 2022, 4:23 PM

Olam – [ YUM YUM! More Upside? ]OLAM 3rd June 2022

Olam one of the bright spot in our local market while most of the other stocks are moving sideways. Despite the slow move in STI for the week we saw OLAM moving up about 6% which is very good in our view!

From the chart, it how broken above its downtrend line but of course as an active client of ours, there were alerted much earlier during the week when Olam was just trading at $1.51.

Olam might take a short rest and then move up to test the $1.67 and $1.72 resistance in the coming weeks.

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Olam – [ Two Hits In Two Months, Looking Good? ]

22nd September, 2021, 10:48 PM

Olam – [ Two Hits In Two Months,Looking Good? ]

One of the rare few blue chip counters that is up today and we’re glad we managed to catch it. In fact we caught Olam a couple of times in the last few months as there was more activity in this counter. From the chart, it has reversed from its short term downtrend and closed above its 20ema. Volume has increased and its a bullish candle which is positive to us.

Olam 22nd Sept 2021

The current resistance is around $1.71 and breaking that might see more upside to $1.80.

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Olam – [ Share Buy Back, What To Do? ]

26th June, 2019, 5:55 PM

Olam – [ Share Buy Back, What To Do? ] Olam 26th june 2019

Chart Source: Poemsview 26th June 2019

Olam has been announcing a slew of share buy back since the start of june. It has slowly seen its price increase since then and that has caught our attention. Olam finally managed to cross its 200ema which we feel is a positive sign coupled with a share buy back.

Of course, our EXCLUSIVE CLIENTS were alerted on this last Wednesday as we share our analysis. We’re glad it hit our $2 target which is 4%  upside since our entry. Olam is currently facing some resistance, as $2 is a round number resistance it might take awhile to break it. A break above this might see it move higher to $2.07

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Olam – [ Hitting Our Second Target, Anymore? ]

10th April, 2018, 11:21 PM

Olam – [ Hitting Our Second Target, Anymore? ]

Chart Source: Poemsview 10th April 2018

Olam hit our second target of $2.40 in less than a week when we spotted it  and retraced shortly after. Hitting resistance and having some profit taking is normal as part of an uptrend process. Taking some profit off the table is never wrong as we reminded our clients to do so.

Olam might consolidate around the $2.35 levels before it continues its upwards march. A break above $2.40 might see it move up to $2.46.

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Olam – [ Currently At Day High, Any Higher? ]

6th April, 2018, 4:04 PM

Olam – [ Currently At Day High, Any Higher? ]Olam 6th April 2018

Chart Source: Poemsview 6th April 2018

Olam currently at day high and hitting our first target of  day within the day. A Nice end to the week.

It is currently above the 20MA and staying above that might see more upside movement. So lets see olam can stay above $2.36 in the coming day. Market might still be volatile as we go into the weekend.

If Olam manages to stay above 2.36 we might see our next upside target at around 2.40 first. The 50Ma would be our support for now.

Of course our exclusive clients were informed earlier at $2.31 just this morning and so their risk reward is good.

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20th November, 2016, 1:39 PM
OLAM Nov 2016
OLAM Nov 2016

Olam, just broke its major $2 support and came down to its $1.945support. The chart looks a little like yoma to us. It has about 2 months consolidation and started to come down.

Friday’s volume was rather huge so its good to take note of it. The horizontal support is at 1.945 and if that breaks we might see it head towards the 200ma at about 1.86 in the coming days.  Stop loss can be placed at 2.02