Wilmar – [ Keeping A Close Eye On It]

26th April, 2018, 12:14 AM

Wilmar – [ Keeping A Close Eye On It]

Wilmar 26th April 2018

Chart Source: Poemsview 25th April 2018

Wilmar Asia’s leading agribusiness group has seen its share price slowly moving up recently.

Wilmar a blue chip and part of the STI index component stock hasn’t really followed the recent rally.

It could be a lagged as the commodity sector hasn’t really moved.

Could Wilmar start picking up?

Wilmar finally closed above the 200ma with some increase in volume.

Of course a better entry would be at $3.19 which our exclusive clients were informed of.

Lets continue to watch and see if wilmar can start climbing up to our target.

Some upside targets we might be looking at are $3.24 then $3.29.Watching our short term uptrend line too.

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Capitaland – [ Capitalizing On A Rebound ]

13th April, 2018, 11:33 AM

Capitaland – [ Capitalizing On A Rebound ] Capitaland13th April 2018

Chart Souce: Poemsview 13th April 2018

Capitaland a blue chip and part of the Straits Times Index component stock had a nice rebound recently.

It had a nice move up after breaking above its downtrend line recently which was also at the  200 days moving average.

Capitaland is now facing another horizontal resistance at $3.70 and if it manages to break above that and stay above that we might see more upside.

With a rebound together with the recent market, where will Capitaland move to next? We’ll be keeping an eye out for this counter to see if the next upside move comes.

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ST Engineering – [ Closed At Day High ]

1st April, 2018, 9:49 PM

ST Engineering – [ Closed At Day High ] 

St engineering 1st april 2018

Chart Source: Poemsview :1st April 2018

St Engineering closed at the day high on friday and also above its 200ma.

Volume for St Engineering also came in and it was the highest in the last two weeks.

St Engineer is also part of the 30 STI Component Stocks.

We like that the volume is bigger than the last few days which might mean that the upswing could continue. Our next possible upside target might be $3.62 first then $3.66.

As always, our exclusive clients were informed of this trade analysis earlier on at $3.56.

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CityDev – [Caught The Breakout? ]

11th March, 2018, 11:34 PM

CityDev – [Caught The Breakout? ] CityDev 11th March 2018

Chart Source : Pomesview 11th March

Citydev a blue chip property stock which we mentioned just on Tuesday night started to move and finally cleared the 50ma on Thursday and never looking back.

Citydev managed to hit  two of our targets of $13.14 and $13.25 and coming close to our third at $13.45. A good trade to end the week. =)

If Citydev manages to close above $13.45 we might see it move up to $13.59.

A very nice trade set up for Citydev if you ask us and of course our exclusive clients were informed of the precise entry at $12.89.

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St Engineering – [ Engineering An Upside? ]

24th January, 2018, 7:23 PM

St Engineering – [ Engineering An Upside? ]

Chart Source : Poemsview 24th Jan 18

St Engineering a STI component stock, has seen some healthy volume coming in during the week .It broke out of our horizontal resistance of 3.37 and continued its march up towards our targets.

It has also broken above our 3.45 horizontal resistance and staying above that might see next few possible targets of 3.50 then 3.55.

The 20 has cut above the 50ma which is a good sign to us but of course protective stops are always in place.

St Engineering has just bagged some contracts recently and more can be read HERE.

Another interesting fact, do take a look at the past few years. See what happens during the first quarter of the last few years. =). Lets hope history repeats itself this year.

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OCBC – [At A Tipping Point? ]

5th September, 2017, 12:23 AM

OCBC – [At A Tipping Point? ]ocbc

OCBC bank has an interesting set up.  It is part of the STI component and the banks caused a drag to the STI index today. Of course not forgetting the worry that comes from North Korea testing its nuclear capability.

OCBC bank had a nice uptrend since the start of the year.  It had a gap up just on last Thursday but got slammed down this morning and even crossed below its 50MA which hasn’t happen since April.

It is now currently supported by the horizontal support at 10.92. If it breaks below and stays below that we might see more downside. Our entry might be below 10.92 with a stop loss either at 11.04 or 11.15 which is the downtrend resistance.

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YZJ Shipping – [ Hit A Rough Patch And Came Down]

24th August, 2017, 11:59 PM

YZJ Shipping – [ Hit A Rough Patch And Came Down]yzj

Yzj Shipping came down as we posted last Friday. The upper trend line did act as a resistance and it came sailing down.

It has came down about 4% since entry and is now hovering around the middle trend line. Our eventual target might be around 1.50 which is the upper trend line support. From there we will look at the market conditions again. We’ll also move our trailing stop down to at least 1.605. So the worse case we break even.




Yzj Shipping – [ Rough Sea Ahead? ]

18th August, 2017, 12:24 AM

Yzj Shipping – [ Rough Sea Ahead? ] yzj

Yzj Shipping has had a fantastic run the last two weeks or so but the momentum seems to be slowing down.

The Upper trend line seems to be resisting it from running further hence it might suggest some pullback in the making. It is currently consolidating around the box region which we have drawn.

Our trade plan might be to look for a short entry at around 1.62-160 area with a tight stop loss at 1.645, or when it breaks below the 5 days moving average which has been supporting it of around 1.575.

We’ll be watching for the momentum if it breaks above 1.645.

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STI- [ No Action Taken Yet]

18th July, 2017, 12:09 AM

STI- [ No Action Taken Yet]sTI

Our Straits Times Index or STI had a huge run on Friday partly due to the huge gap up for GLP which enabled it to break through the consolidation it had  for the last 2 months. It broke the horizontal support and could now be aiming for 3300 then 3350.

Admittedly there was no chance for any shorts as STI just burst up but of course we managed to look for other counters to ride the upside.

STI didn’t follow our plan so we’re saved this round. Remember its always important to have a trade plan. We’ll share more this coming Wednesday on how important is it to have a proper road map and trade plan in order to trade well.

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Straits Times Index – At A Pivotal Point

13th July, 2017, 12:24 AM

Straits Times Index – At A Pivotal PointsTI

We’ve been asked by many on our views on the straits times index or STI for short and thought we’ll just do a short sharing over here.

From our chart the immediate support of STI would be around 3200. Many eyes are on it and the moment it stays below that, it might attract  shortist to come in.

STI has been ranging between 3258 region and 3200 for the last 2 months with no real direction. So if a break were to occur this might set the tone for a pullback. The 20 days MA is sloping down and have cut the 50ma too which in a technical term means the direction might be down. This hasn’t occurred since late last year. Dow, Nasdaq all have been making new high but our Straits Times Index hasn’t seem to make any new high.

With each rebound STI can’t seem to break out too. So lets watch to see which levels play out. We got our next few levels of support drawn. And would be ready in the case if STI starts to fall. The 200ma would be our final support. The banks which have largely been supporting the STI also seems to be pulling back.

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