SATS – Should You Chase It Now? What’s The Upside Left?

27th March, 2023, 9:03 PM

SATS has recently been grabbing the headlines due to their rights and it has also attracted the interest of traders. As the trading of rights were coming to  a close two weeks back, we saw an opportunity for a rebound as the rights overhang starts to fade and the recovery of the stock price starts to come into play. So when SATS was trading around the $2.40 range, with a good support there, we alerted our clients about this potential trade set up.

Fast forward two weeks later and we can see SATS has risen by 10%!  If you missed this trade then the next question is could should I chase this trade or wait? Let’s take a look at the chart and do a quick analysis.

SATS 27th March 2023

From the chart, SATS broke out from its downtrend line with higher volume which is a healthy sign. But it was unable to break above its $2.64 resistance and hence might need some time to overcome this. Once this level is taken out then we might see SATS moving up towards the $2.72 then $2.80 upside resistance. Now that the rights issue is out of the way, a general recovery could come into play.

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SATS – [ Bright Spot In a Dull Market]

16th August, 2022, 7:18 PM

SATS 16th Aug 2022

SATS showed a very strong push up today despite the STI’s negative performance. Its volume is actually the highest for the last 2 months which is a good sign. With an increased in the volume, traders are taking interest in this counter. Next possible upside $4.24 then $4.37.

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It’s All About Recovery Play Today

24th March, 2022, 7:51 PM

It’s All About Recovery Play Today

It was a good day out in our Singapore market as Prime Minister Lee highlighted a few new measures with regards to adapting and living with Covid-19. Group sizes doubled to 10 and less testing for boarders as Singapore continues to open up. Also, more are encouraged to start returning back to office.

With these new relaxed measures, we saw recovery stocks came into full force. Stocks like ComfortDelgro, SATS, SIA Engineering all came roaring back to life! SATS made it to the top gainer under the STI component.

So what’s next? What are some of the targets we have for some of these stocks? Let’s start with ComfortDelgro first.


As govt encourages up to 75% of the employee to return back to office, this would have an increase demand in transport services. Trains, taxi, private hirers would see an increase in demand in the coming weeks. For Comfortdelgro, we might see if move towards $1.55 as it looks to break that $1.50 resistance. The mid term target is $1.58 which is around that gap resistance too. An Alert was sent to our clients on 16th March when Comfort was trading at $1.40.


SATS saw a nice upswing of 5% just today enabling us to hit our first upside target of $4.10. We’re just 1 cent shy of our second target which we believe it’ll hit very soon! As air and sea travel continue to open up , SATS would be a beneficiary of these opening up. $4.29 and $4.41 are the eventual targets we’re looking at.

SIA Engineering

SIA Engineering is another stock we spotted and alerted our active traders just THIS MORNING! It manage to hit our first target of $2.32 and with an increased in volume today we might see the momentum carry on for alittle while more. Next upside target we’re looking at is $2.39 then $2.46.

While there are other recovery stocks like SIA, SBS and hospitality stocks like Ascott Trust, FraserHospitality. But of course we’ll have to be selective about the stocks we choose as there is not much point in sending everything and clients not being able to take action on any. So with our stringent criteria, the above are the few which we have selected for our clients.

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SATS – [ Recovery In Sight, Able To Break the $4.54 Resistance? ]

15th March, 2021, 7:38 PM

SATS – [ Recovery In Sight, Able To Break the $4.54 Resistance? ]Sats 15th March 2021

Chart Source: Poemsview 15th March 2021

Just less than a week ago, we spotted SATS sitting nicely on its 20ema support and with the recovery theme in the background we decided to alert our EXCLUSIVE CLIENTS when it was trading at $4.38. SATS together with SIA saw a nice recovery in their stock price as more good news about reopening air travel starts to make its way around. Vaccine rollout is moving on and with that, government around the world are planning to see how to have travel bubbles or vaccine passport so that leisure travel can restart.

With that, SATS looks like its in a good position to capture the recovery but it might not be a fast and strong one as countries around the world has to be on equally vaccine footing before anything major can really happen. From the chart, SATS looks likely to break the previous peak of $4.54 which it tested today and is also our second target. Volume also started to come in.

A break above $4.54 might see our third target of around $4.67!

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SATS – [ Time To Take A Breather? ]

20th November, 2020, 7:10 AM

SATS – [ Time To Take A Breather? ]

Image source:

Sats 20th Nov 2020

Chart Source: Poemsview 20th Nov 2020

With news of a potential vaccine coming out, transport, airline, hospitality all saw a nice recovery. Sats is one of them that benefited from this news. As Sats is part of the STI component stock, it has also pushed the STI up for the last few days.

Way back in Aug Sats was already mentioned here in our Blog and in late Oct we updated once more when  Sats was trading around $3.14. A month later and it’s now trading at $4.14 a very nice upside of over 30% since oct.  Now with all the optimism in the air and with prices running up quite a bit, the question is is it time to rest?

To answer that, let’s take a look at the charts. Firstly, we noticed that as the price increases, the volume actually starts decreasing, not the most positive sign for a strong uptrend. Also common indicators would show it being in the overbought region too. Lastly, it had an eight day move up ever since the gap up so some rest or pullback is not much to ask for. Current resistance is around $4.18 – $4.20 and some pullback to $4 which is around the 5ema or slightly lower would be healthy for SATS.

Keep a lookout!




SATS – [ Skies Are Opening Up! But Not Clear Skies Yet ]

21st October, 2020, 6:45 AM

SATS – [ Skies Are Opening Up! But Not Clear Skies Yet ]

Chart Source: Poemsview 21st Oct 2020

SATS has caught our attention since early Aug when covid cases started to stabilize and when it was trading at around $2.84. Talks were in place for travel to restart too. Singapore has been doing keep covid cases at bay with an average of 1-2 cases in the community which is  giving travelers some confidence. Phase 3 could be on the cards by year end too!

More good news as Singapore is firming up talks on travel to HK while SIA is also opening up its non-stop flight to NYC. More flights are opening up to Australia too. Cruise to nowhere is also starting next month and all these restarts are good for the badly beaten SATS. Yes, travel demand is not going through the roof yet, but countries are taking the right steps in trying to open their tourism industry.

From a technical perspective, Sats is currently above the 100ema which it hasn’t cross in awhile so this is a positive sign to us. It recently tested this support which is also the downtrend line which we drew which showed strength and could bounce back up. Immediate resistance we see is at $3.14-3.15 once that is cleared we might even it challenge the 200ema in the coming weeks.

Keeping a close watch on SATS




SATS – [ Let’s Review This Set Up Just Two Weeks Back]

25th August, 2020, 5:51 PM

SATS – [ Let’s Review This Set Up Just Two Weeks Back] SATS 25th aug 2020

Chart source: Poemsview 25th Aug 2020

SATS had some upside despite its net loss of $43.7m in 1Q20/21. This loss could be widely anticipated and it was in line with what analyst predicted. What was interesting again was that despite the negative news, SATS still climbed up yesterday.

It challenged the 50ema this morning, broke it and went to the next resistance. It has a nice upside of over 10%  since we spotted this 2 weeks back at $2.84

For now, analyst are mixed over SATS and most are anticipating some recovery with opening of some borders.

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SATS – [ Moving Up From Yesterday’s Blog]

13th August, 2020, 7:00 PM

SATS – [ Moving Up From Yesterday’s Blog] SATS 13th Aug 2020

Chart Source: Poemsview 13th Aug 2020

SATS continued its movement seeing close to a 3% upside move from yesterday’s close. This is higher than the movement of the STI. It reached the 50ema of around $2.90 which was a resistance we mentioned just yesterday! SATS couldn’t break above it which we kind of expected as this could be a strong resistance.

If it can consolidate around this range then it might be ready to take on the next level at $3.01.

We hope you learnt something from our sharing yesterday! 

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SATS – [ Spot Anything Interesting In The Chart? ]

12th August, 2020, 7:05 PM

SATS – [ Spot Anything Interesting In The Chart? ] SATS 12th Aug 2020

Chart Source: Poemsview 12th Aug 2020

Let’s take a look at SATS, part of the STI component stock. It has once again caught our attention as it has form a small base and started to climb up. The hospitality  and aviation sector as we all know it is the weakest of all sector currently. So these plays are more suited for a rebound until a credible vaccine is found.

It tried to cross that downtrend line yesterday but failed to do so. Today it tried once again and it managed to cross and stay above the downtrend line. SATS also managed to stay above its 20ema another interesting point to take note.

The next resistance might be at the 50ema at around $2.90 first. From the chart we can see that the 50ema acts as a strong resistance and if SATS can break above this we might see some good upside.

Let’s keep watching it.




SATS – [ Down It Goes Again, Catching It For The Second Time]

15th April, 2020, 6:38 PM

SATS – [ Down It Goes Again, Catching It For The Second Time] SATS 15th April 2020


Chart Source: Poemsview 15th April 2020

SATS is the leading provider of gateway services and food solutions in the region. It is a familiar sight to many Singaporeans as they depart from Changi Airport. SATS is also part of the STI component stock.

Given the drop in tourism, SATS would be adversely affected due to the decrease in flights . Our airports are almost empty with SIA cutting 97% of their capacity. SATS would be hit badly and if you would want to ride the downside then shorting using CFD would be a way to do so.

Our CFD clients were alerted of such an opportunity once in end march at $3.48 and another time today( 15th April). As SATS tried to rebound for the last week, its rebound might come to an end and resume its downwards trend for now. SATS hit our first target of $3.01 and from our analysis we are setting our next possible target at $2.82.

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