Keppel Corp – [ Run Just Started Or Late In The Run? ]

10th January, 2021, 8:10 AM

Keppel Corp – [ Run Just Started Or Late In The Run? ]Keppel Corp 10th Jan 2021

Chart Source: : Poemsview 10th Jan 2021

Keppel Corp is part of the STI component stock and it broke out of its long term downtrend line last Wednesday which was a bullish price action for us. We alerted our EXCLUSIVE CLIENTS on this breakout and we’re glad it started to move up the next few days.

From the chart this move could have further legs as it has consolidated for around a month and we can see volume coming in the last few days too. We could use poems CFD to swing this trade to around $5.77 and if market continues its bullish we might see Keppel Corp push to $6 in the coming weeks. With Keppel Corp trying to monetise some of its $17.5 billion of assets over time might be a catalyst for further upside. It has also laid out its 2030 blueprint back in may2020 which could boost its longer term horizon. We prefer to swing this trade using poems CFD which you can learn more over HERE.

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Keppel Corp – [ Up 10% Since Alert, Next Stop?]

23rd November, 2020, 7:17 AM

Keppel Corp – [ Up 10% Since Alert, Next Stop?]

Image source:

Keppel Corp 23rd Nov 2020

Image Source: Poemsview 23rd Nov 2020

Keppel Corp one of Singapore’s stock darling has been on a downtrend for awhile before finding some footing at the double bottom of around $4.08. It was only after it released its recent set of results that actually saw some buying interest. It’s also part of the STI component stock hence we can see why STI has been moving up.

The bullish engulfing candle on 30th Oct came with volume which caught our attention but as there was a downtrend line and the 50ema nearby we waited for confirmation. So as Keppel Corp gathered strength we alerted our clients on 5th Nov of this trade analysis. Letting them in on how we analyze our stocks as seen from above. We’re glad it hit our second target of $5.10 up 10% since our alert. So what’s next for Keppel Corp?

As usual, let’s take a look at the chart to see it from a technical perspective. As Keppel Corp has risen a fair bit from the bottom, a break or pullback would be healthy in order for it to continue its upwards move. A pullback to the 5ema of around $4.80 might be an opportunity to scale in if you missed the first round. An eventual target we might see could be the longer term downtrend line of around $5.40+.

Continue  to keep watch!

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Keppel Corp – [ Up 6% After Saudi Oil Field Attack, More Upside Or Take Profit?]

16th September, 2019, 5:47 PM

Keppel Corp – [ Up 6% After Saudi Oil Field Attack, More Upside Or Take Profit?]Keppel Corp 16th Sept 2019

Chart Source : poemsview 16th Sept 2019

Keppel Corp gapped up this morning to an intra day high of $6.35 surpassing our third target of $6.32!

Keppel Corp surged up due to the attacks on the Saudi oil field which saw crude oil surging over 10%! We hope our readers didn’t chase this breakout which might be a little on the high side for now.

We’re glad that we alerted our EXCLUSIVE CLIENTS just about a week ago when Keppel Corp managed to break above its 20ema which was a rare occurrence  for the last two months. From then on, Keppel Corp started its gradual climb which saw a nice upside of 6% since our alert at $5.96! It might be good to take some profit off the table as it has moved up over 8 days so some profit taking shouldn’t be too unreasonable.

Our next target might be around $6.48 after some profit taking which might make Keppel Corp more attractive again.

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Keppel Corp – [ Moving Up With Oil, Will The Trend Continue? ]

21st March, 2019, 5:17 PM

Keppel Corp 21st March 2019

Chart  Source: Poemsview 21st March 2019

Keppel Corp had a good finish today as it came in one of the Top10 gainers for our STI component stock.

Oil was up overnight hitting 2019 highs hence giving a boost to Keppel Corp.

An earlier sign was seen as Keppel Corp actually broke above its short term downtrend line and also above its 20ema.

Our EXCLUSIVE CLIENTS were alerted once it broke at $6.17 and Keppel Corp held its ground as volume came in to support it. Our first target was met at $6.26 with Keppel Corp pushing pass it to a day high of $6.29 but failed to close above our first resistance of $6.26.

A break above that might see Keppel Corp moving to our next target of $6.34 then $6.40 eventually. Watching Keppel Corp.

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Keppel Corp – [ Oil Jumps, Will Keppel Corp Be Next?]

24th June, 2018, 10:14 PM

Keppel Corp – [ Oil Jumps, Will Keppel Corp Be Next?] Keppel Corp 24th June 2018

Chart Source: Poemsview 24th June 2018

Oil Jumped the most since nov 2016. Opec agreed to a modest increase in oil production but was unclear on how much they might increase by.

“OPEC’s decision confused some in the market as the producers gave opaque targets for the increase, making it difficult to understand precisely how much more it will pump. The expectation that the increase will fall short of the 1 million bpd figure boosted the market. ” (Quoted from CNBC). Due to that, oil jumped and set a bullish tone for the oil market. Read HERE for more.

Keppel Corp seems to be a range for the last week with $7 area being a critical support. The resistance for Keppel Corp might be at $7.17

A break above that might see it move up to $7.26 first and then $7.32. $7.42 might even be possible if oil remains bullish.

Sembcorp Marine is another oil counter that  we’re looking at. A break above $2 and staying above that might indicator more upside.





Keppel Corp [Up to 6% high since Trade Plan revealed]

21st April, 2018, 12:42 AM

Keppel Corp [Up to 6% high since Trade Plan revealed]

Chart Source : PoemsView 20 April 2018Keppel Corp 20 apr 2018

Kep Corp trade plan Pic 1

Kep Corp trade plan Pic 2

Kep Corp trade plan Pic 3

Keppel Corp having announced a set of good results last night , broke above its 8.14 horizontal resistance and close positively at 8.21 today.

In fact, a Trade Plan analysis for Keppel Corp was sent to our EXCLUSIVE CLIENTS on 11 April ( See images attached) with an entry price, STOP LOSS and even our personal potential targets. Stop Loss is a Must in our Trading Plan analysis for risk management .

Reasons are stated for the analysis so our clients would be able to learn and see from our perspective.

Since our entry at 7.82-7.83 ,Keppel Corp has moved steadily up to a day high of 8.30 today  , which represents around 6% up from our entry. As such we would start to trail our upside and of course inform our exclusive clients of the next potential upside target with updated analysis. Step by step that’s how we guide our clients through as shown above in the images.

If the positive price action continues ,   next potential upside resistance will be 8.37 with immediate support around 7.94.

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Keppel Corp – More Upside Possible

8th May, 2017, 11:09 PM

Keppel Corp – More Upside PossibleKC

Keppel Corp has built a small base around the 6.47 area and started moving up. It moved up to its 20 days moving average and got resisted but we feel that there might be more upside possibility if this clears.

Keppel Corp could move up to its 50 days where the downtrend line is also. 6.8 is also the horizontal resistance. So if it reaches there then we’ll see how strong the movement could be and if its possible to break those lines.

Our stop loss could be at 6.46





Keppel Corp – Down To Our Target, Rebound Next?

16th March, 2017, 12:57 AM

Keppel Corp –  Down To Our Target, Rebound Next?Keppel Corp

Keppel Corp has been down for the last two weeks since we were blogged it .It was at $7.22 when we mentioned that it was a little high and needed to pull back. It has now reached our lower uptrend line and looks supported.

We’re hoping for it to have some rebound from here and if it doesn’t it could signal more downside .

Our upside entry would be at current spot price of around 6.65 with a stop loss of 6.53-6.55. Our first upside target might be 6.85

Some factors to take note would be oil prices. Oil has been falling for the last week and if it continues to fall then Keppel Corp might be dragged down.  The next factor would be the interest rate decision but more importantly janet yellen’s tone and speech going forward. The number of times interest rate will hike also will play a role.

So if our support breaks we might be prepared to go the other way.




Keppel Corp – Oil Down So Is Keppel Corp

9th March, 2017, 11:34 PM

Keppel Corp – Oil Down So Is Keppel CorpKC

Keppel Corp was a stock we blogged exactly a week back mentioning that it was high and needed a break. It hit our upper trend line and started to pull back. It was at around $7.22 when we spotted it and hit a day low of $6.77. A nice downside for a singapore blue chip. We hope our readers managed to benefit from our sharing once again.

So where to now as some of you have asked. The immediate support for Keppel Corp is around 6.76-6.78.It is also around the 20 days moving average.So it’s a double support for us.  If there is further weakness and breaking that support, we could see it hit our lower uptrend line of 6.65-6.70. Oil in the recent days have been taking a beating hence our oil related counters are not spared.

What could happen is that either Keppel Corp goes for a rebound and starts turning down and that’s where we would consider another short entry. Or if it breaks 6.76 then we might consider entry. Remember we’re using Poems CFD to hold our shorts and not naked short




Keppel Corp – Getting A Little High

2nd March, 2017, 10:18 PM

Keppel Corp – Getting A Little HighKC

Keppel Corp is a stock that we mentioned in our market outlook article back in January when it was around $6.20. It’s been a month plus and keppel Corp stands at $7.22 today. We feel that it’s reaching resistance for now and a pull back would be healthy.

We have drawn the uptrend channel line which acts as a resistance. A short entry could be around 7.23-7.25 area with  a tight stop loss around 7.28-7.30.

What might happen here could be that it might start pulling back from here or if market is still so bullish it could break out from this uptrend line we drew. We’re hoping for some pullback before we can make a re-entry.