Sembcorp Industries – [ More Upside Or Take Profits? ]

28th October, 2019, 3:30 PM

Sembcorp Industries – [ More Upside Or Take Profits? ]Sembcorp Industries 28th Oct 2019


Chart Source: Poemsveiw 28th Oct 2019

Sembcorp Industries together with Sembcorp Marine which we posted earlier had a nice upside over the week. This was due to temasek holdings increasing their stake in Keppel Corp which gives rise to speculation about mergers and privatizations.

We’re glad we managed to catch these two stocks and alerted our EXCLUSIVE CLIENTS  before they ran and benefitted from the upside.

Sembcorp Industries saw a nice 10% upside since our entry of $2.13 and the question is will there be more? Traders are speculating for a potential merger and consolidation for the oil&gas sector and this might have more upside for Sembcorp Industries.

For now, we’ll continue to see the charts and have place $2.34 as a resistance which it hit and retraced a little. A break above that might see it move to $2.40 but a break below $2.23 might have us to re-evaluate things. For now it might be good to book some profits since Sembcorp Industries has risen 10%.

Let’s continue to keep a close eye.

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Keppel Corp – [ Moving Up With Oil, Will The Trend Continue? ]

21st March, 2019, 5:17 PM

Keppel Corp 21st March 2019

Chart  Source: Poemsview 21st March 2019

Keppel Corp had a good finish today as it came in one of the Top10 gainers for our STI component stock.

Oil was up overnight hitting 2019 highs hence giving a boost to Keppel Corp.

An earlier sign was seen as Keppel Corp actually broke above its short term downtrend line and also above its 20ema.

Our EXCLUSIVE CLIENTS were alerted once it broke at $6.17 and Keppel Corp held its ground as volume came in to support it. Our first target was met at $6.26 with Keppel Corp pushing pass it to a day high of $6.29 but failed to close above our first resistance of $6.26.

A break above that might see Keppel Corp moving to our next target of $6.34 then $6.40 eventually. Watching Keppel Corp.

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