SATS – [ Recovery In Sight, Able To Break the $4.54 Resistance? ]

15th March, 2021, 7:38 PM

SATS – [ Recovery In Sight, Able To Break the $4.54 Resistance? ]Sats 15th March 2021

Chart Source: Poemsview 15th March 2021

Just less than a week ago, we spotted SATS sitting nicely on its 20ema support and with the recovery theme in the background we decided to alert our EXCLUSIVE CLIENTS when it was trading at $4.38. SATS together with SIA saw a nice recovery in their stock price as more good news about reopening air travel starts to make its way around. Vaccine rollout is moving on and with that, government around the world are planning to see how to have travel bubbles or vaccine passport so that leisure travel can restart.

With that, SATS looks like its in a good position to capture the recovery but it might not be a fast and strong one as countries around the world has to be on equally vaccine footing before anything major can really happen. From the chart, SATS looks likely to break the previous peak of $4.54 which it tested today and is also our second target. Volume also started to come in.

A break above $4.54 might see our third target of around $4.67!

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