Straits Times Index – [ Rebound In Sight? ]

21st June, 2018, 8:43 AM

Straits Times Index – [ Rebound In Sight? ]Straits Times Index 21st June 2018

Chart Source : Poemsview 21st June 2018

Straits Times Index have fallen to our 3313 region which we previously mentioned and seems to be forming a base around that area.

If the support continues to hold we might see a rebound coming soon as trade war news might have overplayed for now and market might have absorbed some of the bad news.

We’re looking at 3340 as a resistance and a break above that might see us up towards 3378 area first. We’re looking at certain stocks to rebound too as we round up some of our shorts for now.

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Japfa – [ Achieved Upside Of 10% Since In Less Than Three Weeks, Our Next Target? ]

20th June, 2018, 12:24 PM

Japfa – [ Achieved Upside Of 10% Since In Less Than Three Weeks, Our Next Target? ] Japfa 20th June 2018

Chart Source : poemsview 20th June 2018

Japfa as we mentioned before on our blog post previously has reached our target of $0.625 which translates to an upside gain of 10%.

In less than three weeks we saw Japfa moving from $0.565 to a high of $0.63 today. A very nice swing long if you ask us despite such market condition.

Our EXCLUSIVE CLIENTS were alerted on this trade analysis and were kept informed of Japfa’s latest movement.

As Japfa has climbed quite a fair bit, a pause would be fair before it might move up to $0.66. The volume coming in today is healthy and more than the previous day which might suggest further upside is possible.

Lets continue watching.

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Valuetronics – [ 10% Downside Achieved In Just Three Weeks, Our Next Target? ]

19th June, 2018, 7:35 PM

Valuetronics – [ 10% Downside Achieved In Just Three Weeks, Our Next Target? ] Valuetronics 19th June 2018

Chart Source : Poemsview : 19th June 2018

Valuetronics was an electronic stock which we alerted our EXCLUSIVE CLIENTS on just three weeks back.  When valuetronics failed to hold above $0.785 we knew that it might be in trouble. Furthermore, its peers were also being sold down hence that gave us more conviction in our shorting target.

The moment it broke $0.785 we Alerted our EXCLUSIVE CLIENTS informing them about our trade analysis. We’re glad that valuetronics started to peel away although it tried to rebound but the overall sector remained weak and it couldn’t fight gravity.

We’re happy to see that after our spotting UMS for shorting, valuetronics continues to give us a very nice return of more than 10%

Where might our next target be? We’re looking at $0.68 then $0.64 where a rebound might happen. Let’s continue to monitor and see where this trade takes us.

Don’t forget your trailing stops.

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MapleTree Ind Trust – [ Below $1.91 Triple Support, Be Alert!]

19th June, 2018, 8:18 AM

MapleTree Ind Trust – [ Below $1.91 Triple Support, Be Alert!]

Mapletree Ind Trust 19th June 2018

Chart Source : Poemsview 18th June 2018

Mapletree Ind Trust closed below its triple support of $1.91 which isn’t good if you ask us.

It is also below the 200ma which adds further downside pressure.

It might hit the $1.87 first and failing to hold that we might see further downside pressure to $1.81 area.

We might consider a swing short on this counter as long as it doesn’t close firmly above the 200ma

Lets keep a look out for this.




Sembcorp Marine – [ Two Downside Target Hit In A Day, Next Target? ]

18th June, 2018, 5:10 PM

Sembcorp Marine – [ Two Downside Target Hit In A Day, Next Target? ]Sembcorp Marine 18th June 2018

Chart Source: Poemsveiw 18th June 2018

Sembcorp Marine following oil’s dismal performance on friday took a tumble and fell 5% during Monday’s trade.

In fact Sembcorp Marine has been down over 6% from the time we sent out our trade analysis to our EXCLUSIVE CLIENTS.

The moment Sembcorp Marine broke its horizontal support of $2.06 we sent out the alert and although Sembcorp Marine did try to put up a fight, it couldn’t hold up given the market sentiment and the decrease in oil price.

It couldn’t break above the high of $2.10 which signaled trouble.

Sembcorp Marine has hit both our downside targets of $2.01 and $1.97 and JUST ONE CENT short of our next target of $1.91.

We’re awaiting for that target to hit, fingers crossed. If $1.91 doesn’t hold then we might even see $1.82 eventually.

Shorting has been the focus so far as market continues to fall sharply.

If you do not know how to short then you could be severely handicapped in this market.

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Trump- Kim Post Summit – [ STI Updates, Surpassing Expectations]

18th June, 2018, 8:16 AM

Trump- Kim Post Summit – [ STI Updates, Surpassing Expectations ]Straits Times Index 18th June 2018

Chart Source: Poemsview: 18th June 2018
Image source:

Straits Times Index took a beating post Trump-Kim Summit as the impact on our Straits Times Index was minimal as anticipated.

The issue of interest rate rising, on going trade wars are more impactful as compared to the summit.

As explained from our previous post, we would be looking out more on the recently Fed meeting and China and US trade war.

Fed Increased interest rates over the week and signalled for another 2 more for 2018 taking it to a total of 4 times for 2018 which is one more time more than the expected 3. This shook the markets a little too.

Over the weekend, Trump slapped up to $50 billion of tariffs on China goods and in retaliation China returned the favour with tariffs on US goods of up to $50 billion too.

As for our Straits Times Index, we broke the 200ma and started heading down surpassing our expectation of 3397

We closed at 3356 and might even see 3340 and even 3313 if our market remains weak.

As you can see, most of the counters we been mentioning are for short and to have CFD to short is critical.

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Hi-P – [ 3 Reasons Why Stop Loss Is So Important]

14th June, 2018, 3:07 PM

Hi-P – [ 3 Reasons Why Stop Loss Is So Important]

Chart Source: Poemsview 14th June 2018

Hi-P just got sold off again and ever since we had to stop loss, Hi-P continued its slide down of  almost 8%.

Stop loss is a very important discipline to have and we cannot emphasize how crucial it is for us.

Not having Stop loss is kind of like driving without a seatbelt, dangerous eh? You won’t take a chance and would buckle up every time you enter the car. So why take a chance in trading too? Cutting loss is not all bad, here’s why.

  1. Cutting loss frees your mind, it takes off the stress of anticipating if the stock will rebound or not and it sets your emotions free. No longer are you a hostage of the trade. And having a clear mind when trading is very important too.
  2. It Caps your downside loss. So often many traders have a good winning streak but all it takes is one big lossing trade to wipe off that gain. It’s not worth it. Cap your losses so that it will not eat into your profits.
  3. It instills discipline! When you are able to stop loss and practise such good habits it will go a long way in your  trading journey and even in life. Not second guessing and willing to stop loss are a mark of a good trader.

So, cutting loss is not that bad after all right? With a sound trade plan, a trader is already prepared for any downside eventuality.

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Sembcorp Industries – [ Down 5% In Two Weeks, Advanced Warning Given]

14th June, 2018, 9:01 AM

Sembcorp Industries – [ Down 5% In Two Weeks, Advanced Warning Given]Sembcorp Industries 14th June 2018

Chart Source : Poemsview 14th June 2018

Sembcorp Industries a stock that we mentioned just two weeks back when it broke its psychological support of $3 when our EXCLUSIVE CLIENTS were alerted of this break.

Ever since then Sembcorp Industries tried to break up above the $3 level once but failed to do so. This has then set a path for Sembcorp Industries to slowly drift down.

It has reached a few of our downside targets of $2.93, $2.89 and $2.83.

IF Sembcorp Industries remains weak and staying below the $2.82 level we might see our next downside target of $2.76.

Using Poems CFD to swing such a trade is the preferred way in order to ride the downside wave.

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Sunningdale Tech – [ Hanging Precariously Near Support, Watch Out! ]

13th June, 2018, 8:00 AM

Sunningdale Tech – [ Hanging Precariously Near Support, Watch Out! ]Sunningdale Tech 13th June 2018

Chart Source: Poemsview 13th June 2018

Sunningdale Tech one of Singapore’s few electronics play had recently took a big hit and had a rebound when it got some coverage from a brokering house.

Ever since then Sunningdale Tech started to drift down and is currently sitting very dangerously on its short term uptrend line.

It tried to regain support on the 20ma but failed to do so today and closed below it. The candlestick doesn’t look good to us and any further weakness could bring us back to the previous low.

We are now watching for the break of the uptrend support line . We might initiate a short on Sunningdale Tech depending on the sentiments of the markets. We will be using Poems CFD and not naked shorting.

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Trump-Kim Summit – [ Impact On STI]

11th June, 2018, 8:15 AM

Trum-Kim Summit – [ Impact On STI]

Photo Source:
Chart Source : Poemsview 11th June 2018

The highly anticipated Trump-Kim Summit is finally going to happen on the 12th June 2018.

A little like a korean drama where the summit was moving on as planned, got cancelled and finally it’s going to happen.

Both Donald Trump and Kim Jong-un are in Singapore along with thousands of journalist covering this historic event.

With regards to the impact on our local markets, this significant event might not have that much of  an impact on our markets. Most are expecting a successful summit between President Donald Trump and North Korean leader Kim Jong-un but wouldn’t expect a very detailed plan on the denuclearization on North Korea’s part.

Most would expect a positive spin on the summit which could lead to further discussions. What might be negative is that talks break down and nothing is achieved.

What might impact the market more would be the upcoming Fed meeting ending Wednesday which market are expecting Fed to increase rates.

Trade Wars headlines could continue to rattle the markets. With the trade war going on, this could continue to bring uncertainty to the markets.

World Cup is starting on 14th June at 10pm which also could have some impact on the markets.

Overall, given June is a quieter month given its the June holidays where most traders are away with their families, we could see STI having some swings as volatility continues to take center stage. With lighter volume this increases the chance of bigger swing.

We might See STI heading down to reach our lower support and only when it breaks out of the downtrend line then we might be more convinced of an uptrend.

Our STI support might be around 3397-3405.

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