Yzj ShipBldg – [ What’s Next After A Long Consolidation ]

2nd March, 2022, 5:51 PM

Yzj ShipBldg – [ What’s Next After A Long Consolidation ]

Chart Source: AdvisorXs 2nd March 2022

Yzj ShipBldg reported a good set of results and is backed by record order wins for 124 vessels, the group remains well-positioned to generate strong cash flows from operations.

It has actually consolidated for about 4 months and has finally broke out. Well, the good thing is we didn’t need to wait for that long as we were waiting for signs of activities before alerting our EXCLUSIVE CLIENTS. It came just 2 weeks back when we saw volume starting to pipe in and that’s when our EXCLUSIVE CLIENTS were alerted!

With such a long consolidation, we are looking for more upside even as both our upside target has been hit. A nice 5.5% upside has been achieved and we might see yzj Shipbldg still moving up in the coming days. $1.54 then $1.60 is our eventual target. Even despite the war that is happening, we’re glad that yzj still manage to hit our targets.

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