Did You Notice This About These Two Banks?

24th November, 2022, 11:50 PM

We have seen a good run up for the three local banks on better than expected results and on the back of rising interests rate. But can this run continue on forever? As we know, nope! There will be a time for a break and pullback and there is something we noticed.

DBS 24th Nov 2022

DBS, as we can see has been guided by the 5ema and 10ema. This moving average has been guiding DBS for the last month and has never closed below that BUT today at close, we can see that it has closed below the 5 and 10ema. Is this a sign of more pullback? We think its possible! Its good for the banks to pullback so that those who missed the rally can possibly re-enter. The initial support would be at the 20ema of around $34.75. The Next downside support would then be around $33.84 near the uptrend and horizontal support.  We can see the volume has increased for today too. This might also help support the downside. If you’re looking for a short candidate, this might be one counter. If DBS closes above $36 then this short trade would be invalid.

OCBC 24th Nov 2022

OCBC, also similar to DBS, it has closed below its 5 and 10ema which might signal more downside. An increased in volume might support the downside for OCBC too. It has closed below the short term uptrend line too and the first downside support is around the 20ema which is $12.26. If more weakness comes in then we might see $11.87 on the cards. A close above $12.60 would make the downside invalid. Remember, if you are looking to short always have a TRADE PLAN with a stop loss, entry and target price. Don’t naked short and one can consider using Poems CFD for short or even DLCs!

As for UOB, it hasn’t broke and close below its 5ema so until we see that, then some pullbacks will be on the cards.

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DBS – [ Follow Up, Hitting 2nd Target of $26.80, What Now? ]

24th July, 2019, 8:43 PM

DBS – [ Follow Up, Hitting 2nd Target of $26.80, What Now? ]DBS 24th July 2019

Chart Source: Poemviews 24th July 2019

DBS bank continues to inch up following our blog post just LAST WEEK. It has reached our second target and once again our EXCLUSIVE CLIENTS were alerted on it. As DBS has moved up over 3% from $25.97 to $26.80 over the past week taking some profit off the table is always good. We always emphasize in protecting your profits, we rather  make less than to have a profitable trade turn to a loss.

DBS so far is the strongest bank amongst the three local banks with OCBC the second strongest in terms of price movement. UOB didn’t have much movement and is still in a range if you refer to the chart.

Our next target for DBS is rather closeby at $26.99 also do take note that their earning results is coming out on 29 July  before market opens. Well, you know our stance in trading too new earning results, so do pay special attention.

How was your trade plan for DBS like?

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