Nanofilm – [ Alerting Before The Run]

17th November, 2021, 7:43 PM

Nanofilm – [ Alerting Before The Run]

Would you like to be alerted before a stock run rather than chasing it? Well, this is what our Clients have been receiving. Direct message sent to their handphone via whatsapp. For this round, it was Nanofilm, it was back in August that we sent it out after the big fall due to some internal tussle. And the most recent was just less than a month ago in Oct.

Nanofilm 17th Nov 2021

Chart source: AdvisorXs 17th Nov2021

Nanofilm has seen risen over 8% since it broke that $3.80 resistance to a high of $4.13 today. Volume is also the highest for the month which indicates more interest by traders and investors. This might help push prices up to our next target of $4.21 and eventually $4.40 area. Nanofilm has consolidated for awhile and with all that stored up energy we’re hoping for a higher push in the coming days!

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Frencken – [ Up Over 15%, All Time High Now, Our Next Target? ]

12th November, 2019, 9:13 PM

Frencken – [ Up Over 15%, All Time High Now, Our Next Target? ]Frencken 12th Nov 2019

Chart source: Poemsview : 12th nov 2019

Frencken took the lead today to lead the charge for Singapore electronic stocks. Frencken saw more than a 6% rise in its stock price as it reached an all time high and closing at the day high.

We alerted our EXCLUSIVE CLIENTS back when frencken was trading at $0.695 and the rest they say is history. We have also posted frencken when we saw a huge surge in volume on 24th Oct. It has since gained over 15% from our entry price.

As Frencken is at its all time high now, some key levels we are watching for. The support at around $0.745. Next possible target at $0.845.

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Hi-P – [ Any Higher? ]

18th September, 2019, 12:32 PM

Hi-P – [ Any Higher? ]Hi-P 18th Sept 2019

Chart Source: Poemsview 18th Sept 2019

Hi-P has been consolidating for awhile at the base of around $1.10 and it slowly moved up to break its 10ema. After spotting that ,we decided to inform our EXCLUSIVE CLIENTS of the move for them to plan, prepare and proceed.

As the 10ema has been resisting it and finally a break above it, it signaled a good turn for us and hence our decision. Volume also started to come on that day.

Hi-P took about 5 days to reach our second target of $1.23 which saw a nice 7% upside since our entry of $1.15. If one were to do contra trading he or she might miss out on the second target that is why using CFD might help to overcome this problem.

Currently has Hi-P faces resistance at the 50ema and also the downtrend line we might consider taking profits as Fed decision looms too. Might look for a re-entry after that! Stay tune.

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Frencken – [ Our Trade Plan And What We Did]

18th August, 2019, 9:33 PM

Frencken – [ Our Trade Plan And What We Did]Frencken 18th Aug 2019

Chart Source: Poemsview 18th Aug 2019

Frencken one of the rare manufacturing and electronic stock that moved up despite the negative sentiments of the market.

We’re glad we managed to alert our EXCLUSIVE CLIENTS before the upswing came at $0.67. But WAIT! just as frencken was about to hit our first target price (just shy of 1 pip) the market unexpected took a turn and down fell 800 points  on wednesday night. As expected selling came in on Thursday ( 15th Aug) and Frencken hit a small hit and came down to a low of $0.66 which was very resilient.

As a pre-cautionary method,  we also alerted our EXCLUSIVE CLIENTS of the potential dangers of what might happened during the day. Letting them be aware of the market happenings. but of course the decision lies with them.

As Frencken continues to rise despite the negative sentiment, it hit our first target of $0.705 and even $0.72. But to us that’s not our primary concern for this round. As market was selling, we wanted to be vigilant and are constantly looking out for any pitfalls so that  our clients might avoid it.

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