Geely ( – [Accelerating Forward]

23rd June, 2022, 6:57 PM

A slew of good news has been coming out of China and this morning it was the automotive sector benefiting. China  considers extending electric car tax exemptions and this gave a boost to auto shares like xpeng, li auto, great wall motor and of course geely.

Geely 23rd June 2022

It came to our attention yesterday when we saw Geely trying to break out after a long consolidation and with volume. We informed our clients as we saw a good potential trade set up. We’re thankful that it has risen over 7% in just a day hitting our first upside target! Very impressive run for a day! There looks like more room on the upside but of course not in a straight line. $17.90 is our next upside target!

As our local market is in a consolidation phase, it is important to look at other markets to continue to generate some income. So when one market is slow there are still other markets to look at.

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BYD Company (1211.HK) – [ $95 Target Met, What’s Next?? ]

15th September, 2020, 11:00 AM

BYD Company (1211.HK) – [ $95 Target Met, What’s Next?? ]BYD Company 15th Sept 2020

Chart Source: Poemsview 15th Sept 2020

BYD Company ( 1211.HK) one of the first few Hong Kong  stocks which we started to share with our client as we continue to  give value to our clients. It remained relatively strong despite the recent pullback and not even touching our support of $68.35.

Just a couple weeks back when we shared, BYD Company was $75 and in less than a month it has climbed to our target of $95. Up over 25%! That’s the wonder of the Hong Kong stock market. Of course  the reverse is true that is why having a stop loss and sticking to it is important!

As for now , the next possible target might be around $100, a nice round whole number. But of course, nearing there we might see some resistance.

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