BYD Company (HK) – Check Out Our New Service To Our Clients, Giving More Value

2nd September, 2020, 7:41 AM

BYD Company (HK) – Check Out Our New Service To Our Clients, Giving More ValueBYD company 2nd Sept 2020

Chart Source: Poemsview 2nd Sept 2020

BYD Company Ltd is a chinese manufacturer of automobiles, rechargeable batteries etc with its corporate headquarters in Shenzhen. It is listed on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange and on the HK stock exchange. More about BYD Company can be read Here.

For this case, we’ll be looking at the one listed on the HKSE. Are we continue to give and add value we have started to look into the Hong Kong markets. We wish to create more value for our clients and slowly exposing them to HK markets.

BYD company had some brokerage upgrade too which can be read here. It might continue to move up in the coming days and test the resistance of HKD$90 which a bit of rest might be good for a further run. Next target we might look at is  HKD$95.

Some benefits in trading in the HK market.

  1. Asia hours! From 9:30am – 4pm
  2. Larger liquidity, more movement.
  3. More market participants
  4. More exposure to tech stocks.
  5. Greater mix of counters and diversity

Of course, we advise clients to steer clear of gem stocks!

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