Phillip Securities Enhanced Market Depth- [Opportunity to enhance your trading]

16th April, 2018, 11:18 PM

Phillip Securities Enhanced Market Depth- [Opportunity to enhance your trading]

Phillip Securities Enhanced Market Depth

What is market depth?

Ever heard of your peers mentioning how they see the stacking of the buy and sell queue of a stock at different price levels. Or how some traders  monitor closely the addition and subtraction of orders on a stock’s market depth ?

Market depth or Queue track displays the number of Buy orders and Sell orders of each price level of a particular listed stock,  up to 20 levels of pending orders on each Buy and Sell side.

Want to know how to make sense of it?

Phillip Securities is the first broking house to offer the enhanced market depth that shows the number of individual orders at every price level. With this, one would know how many unique orders are there at every price level and this could help determine the forces behind each price level

For a limited time from 2 April to 29 June, we are offering this SGX Enhanced Market Depth for FREE!!

Want to know more on how this enhanced market depth can help you in your trading?

Then our Upcoming Seminar is for you. Not only will we share how to use the enhanced market depth, we will also be going through our strategies and how to integrate market depth with simple technical analysis with our recent ideas such as Hi-p,  Olam,  St Engineering , UMS, YZJ and many others .

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UMS – [ Another Electronic Stock To Hit Our Target, Anymore? ]

11th April, 2018, 11:59 PM

UMS – [ Another Electronic Stock To Hit Our Target, Anymore? ] UMS 11th April 2018

Chart Source: Poemsview 11th April 2018

UMS another electronic stock to hit our first target of $1.19.

UMS hits our target of $1.19 and started retracing! Our exclusive clients were informed yesterday of UMS when it started to rebound at $1.14.

As market still has some volatility our personal view is to lock in some profit just to be safe as one would never know when the market might take another quick downturn.

We would still consider UMS as an uptrend stock as long as it doesn’t break our uptrend line. As long as it stays above that we’re hopefully that our $1.24 target might be met.

Getting left behind during this rebound? Still confused of what to do?

Need an extra pair of eyes to look out for you in the market for stocks like UMS?

Then look no further as we have a team of top tier remisiers waiting to guide you through your trading journey.

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Indonesia Index

14th November, 2016, 3:11 PM
Indonesia Index Nov 2016
Indonesia Index Nov 2016

Using our poems2 platform we are looking at the indonesia Index. It has come to our attention due to the Trump’s victory and his future policies.

The index is below the 200m and is below the psychological 6000 mark . We forsee more downside to 5500 levels in the coming weeks and will update again. Our stop loss would be 6150

The indonesia Index can be found under our CFD in the world index as Indonesia Index USD1 .



BlackBerry- Potential change of fortune coming?

31st July, 2016, 3:38 PM
BlackBerry Jul 2016
BlackBerry Jul 2016

Blackberry, once the darling of the Techworld and Wall Street, has been in a long term downtrend for the past few years.

From the chart, we can see since 2013 , it attempted to break out of the downtrend line twice only to drop below into the downtrend line again. However, we also note that Blackberry has formed a series of higher low since 2013,  and it recently it broke out of the downtrend line again for the 3rd time since 2013. But Volume is not high for this recent breakout so it would be prudent to observe more to validate the breakout validity.

We shall observe its price action and if it pullback and stay above the downtrend line, it could be a encouraging sign, signalling  a potential change of trend in blackberry. If its rally can be sustainable,  the first resistance could be 8.26 follow by 8.71 .

Meanwhile we shall observe its  price action first and shall share again if there are any interesting entry setups for it .




Dow Jones

28th July, 2016, 3:58 PM
Dow Jones July 2016
Dow Jones July 2016

DJ30 Industrial Avg Index Zoom In Chart

Dow Jones Index  is currently on the middle channel of the uptrend line (First chart)  , which could act as the resistance as it recently tried to break above this channel line but start to pullback again ( Second Chart ) ,  if price do not rally and stay above this uptrend line channel soon, it could signal  a correction  for the Dow Jones after the recent strong rally ,  with support at 18190 follow by 17124  ( in the event of a heavy pullback )



Apple- Still Apple of Investors’ Eyes ?

24th July, 2016, 1:50 PM
Apple July 2016
Apple July 2016

Since July 2015,  Apple has been on a well define downtrend channel , touching the downtrend line upper channel resistance for the next 3 times,  but came down each time it rally to the downtrend line upper channel resistance ( in mid April 2016, it attempted to break above the downtrend line upper channel resistance but fail to stay above it and came down again ). If Apple continues to rise, the downtrend line upper channel may be where its next rally target level is and act as a resistance again around the price region of $102.59.

If it reach the downtrend line upper channel resistance and start to weaken again , it may signal price action weakness in the stock , and a short position may be initiated with a stop loss above $104 . It’s upcoming results will out on 26 July.

Will the stock continue to be the apple of investors’ eyes or start to show weakness soon ? Lets stay tune .

Yours Humbly.