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25th June, 2017, 11:43 PM
Kelwin presenting his view on the Stock Market.
Kelwin presenting his view on the Stock Market.
Roy educating on the use of CFD.
Roy educating on the use of CFD.

We’ll like to thank those who made time to come down for our workshop and we hoped that you all took home some valuable lessons.

We’ll be organizing another one soon so do stay tune in case you missed the first one.

Some have been asking us why there was no updates recently and that is because we’re working hard on our upcoming market outlook and sharing engagement for our clients this coming thursday.

Focusing our attention on that for now.

Our local market will be closed on Monday ( 26th June) .

We like to take this time to wish our Muslim friends Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri. Have a restful Monday.






Trading success: Identify Stocks with a winning edge (Registration link attached)

15th June, 2017, 12:43 PM


IMG_9826 (2)

Hi Friends,

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If you reply yes to the above questions – Fret Not , We are here to HELP and assist YOU. Do not worry and Rest assured that this is not another workshop selling courses.

We would like to invite you to our sharing session which is absolutely FREE. Here’s a look at what you can be expecting:

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    2. How to Short Sell Stocks using CFDs so that you will be prepared for the next market pullback like our recently post on Wilmar

Again, This Session is absolutely FREE. We don’t believe in piling up unnecessary course fees and would like to have a casual sharing on some analysis and to have a personal touch point with you, our readers.

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Ezion – Down To Our Target

2nd May, 2017, 10:42 PM

Ezion – Down To Our Target ezion

Ezion fell to our target of 0.29 close to 8% fall in just 2 trading days from when we blogged. It has hit 0.29 and rebound after that.

If it can regain the 30 cents level then we might see some rebound but the trend could be down and we are looking more to short on rebound. The moving averages are still slopping down so the trend still remains down. We are targeting 0.26 as the next target after the rebound but of course in a slow and steady manner.




Noble Group – Reached Our Target But How Now

26th February, 2017, 11:37 PM

Noble Group – Reached Our Target But How Nownoble

Noble Group has reached our target from our previous post and inched above to 0.28 where it met its horizontal resistance. Many people has been asking what happened to noble group on friday and how now? We hope you all managed to escape from this sell down by shifting your trailing stop up.

On Friday, Iceberg released a report on noble group which could be a possible reason for the fierce sell off. Another reason also could be that it hit the horizontal resistance of 0.28 or people could be selling ahead of its results due on Monday (27th Feb) or taking profit on a friday. All these coming together could be a perfect storm in selling down .

So how now? How to trade this counter? We’re using the 200 days  exponential moving average for this round and as you can see it’s acting as the support at 20 cents. Also a nice round number. If this breaks we could see 0.197 to 0.195 level. The uptrend has to hold in order for the trend to continue. At those levels we can look  for entry for noble.  We’re watching the uptrend lines that we draw as the support which could act as the intermediate support. Do note that their results will be out this Monday after market.





Market Outlook for New Year 2017 – Oil and Oil stocks

12th January, 2017, 9:56 PM

Market Outlook for New Year 2017  – Oil and Oil stocks

The Market for Year 2016 was a pretty volatile year with lots of bullish surprises, January 2016 many markets started badly with US oil dived into 13- year lows of $26.15 before rallied more than double to $53 at 2016 close, helped by the November Opec agreements to cut oil output since 2008, which also caused many oil and gas related stocks to rally from their lows in 2016.

As 2016 progressed, the 2 potentially black swans events (Brexit and Usa Elections) turn into “white” swans effect instead, with the unexpected Brexit rally and the ”Trump rally “ powering the Dow jones to new highs after Donald Trump unexpectedly got elected .

Will Oil & Oil Stocks rebound continue in 2017?

This will largely depend on 2 main factors; First is Opec members and its allies (e.g  the Russians) need to adhere to the oil supply cut agreement they had in November.  Saudi, the Opec leader seems to be leading by example in implementing the oil production cuts.

Click on the news article by marketwatch dated 5 January 2017 for more details.

Secondly is how the return of the USA shale oil players, given the oil rise for past few months will impact the supply of oil in the market.  If oil can maintain a price range of between $40-$60, this could provide support for the oil stocks.

With that, let’s look at 2 big oil stocks for New Year 2017: Keppel Corp and Sembcorp Marine

Keppel Corp

Keppel Corp rallied about 25% from its Jan 2016 low $4.64 to its 2016 closing price of $5.79.  The Stock is now above its mid-term 50 day moving average and long term 200 day moving average, which may suggest the stock may be on a uptrend having rally from the bottom formed last year.

It is currently slightly below its horizontal resistance of $6.15, with $6.31 as the next strong resistance, which the stock needs to break above to have further upside in the mid-term.

Keppel corp 12 jan 2017


Semb Corp Marine

Sembcorp Marine rallied about 13.5% from Its September 2016 low of $1.215 to its 2016 closing price of $1.38. The Stock is above its mid-term 50 day moving average and is now at its long term 200 day moving average of $1.51 which is also its horizontal resistance.

If it can break and maintain above this $1.51 level, this may signal more upside for the stock in the midterm.

Sembcorp Marine 12 jan 2017


Ok folks that’s all on Market Outlook for New Year 2017 for now.

If you have any questions on other stocks/ sectors and would like to seek our views, feel free to click “Contact Us” in the blog and we will try to revert back to you as soon as we can.

If you like to receive timely trading ideas via your hand phone from us , simply open a poems trading account with us by filling in the  “Contact Us” section in the blog to contact us for more details .

Kelwin & Roy .

Follow The Trend

3rd July, 2016, 2:06 PM
STI June 2016
STI June 2016

Hope everyone had a good weekend and are ready for the short week ahead. We had some time to reflect over the weekend and we’ll like to share some thoughts.

Firstly, following the trend, as most would know , the trend is your friend, follow it don’t go against it. If you think like us after brexit that the market would come down but it didn’t then we might have to change our plan and follow the trend. Yup, from our blog you would sense that we were hoping for more downside. We were wrong on that and now the question is, how do we fight back. ( We fought back on singpost, jumbo and acromec) and hopefully our clients did too

Secondly, your stop loss, well, trade will go against us from time to time. When that happens, don’t hope for the best but do what is right and cut loss at your determined level, don’t keep telling yourself it will be better. Cut loss first, take a step back and then u will be calm. NEVER go into a trade without a trade plan and as the saying goes and as cliche as it may sound, IF you fail to plan, you plan to fail.

Lastly, don’t even try to take revenge ,as we all know that usually leads to much disaster. In fact, continue  to plan your trade accordingly, keep calm and don’t go crazy.

We’re just sharing our humble thoughts in which we hope we will be better traders after this =)

We have attached the chart of STI , currently we can see its above the 200ma which is significant. Next resistance at 2880 and if that breaks we could eventually see 2960 in sight. Support is at 2830, then the 200ma and if that don’t hold then we might start to see it cover the gap to 2793. Lets respond to the market accordingly and we’ll update accordingly



Welcome to the stock market!!

29th June, 2016, 3:52 PM

Crazy news!! The STI is just 7 points away from friday’s high when brexit was announced. It as if Brexit didn’t happen and all it took was just two days for the market to recover back to where it started. Amazing? Crazy? Well, welcome to the stock market, where anything goes and rational thoughts goes out the window.

It might see irrational that market can just recover so fast and you might be lost by now. Well, we too have been stunned by the recovery but as we mentioned before please ensure that your stop loss is in place. We can’t and won’t get every direction right that’s why we need our stop loss in place for moments like this.

So stay calm and lets see what the chart says now

STI june 2016
STI june 2016

As we can see, the short term downtrend was touched and pulled back after that, the next one to look out for would be the 200ma at 2817 then finally if that holds then 2837.  These are some of the resistance points we are looking at. IF the index shows weakness at these areas we might look for shorting opportunities.




Sinamars Land

23rd June, 2016, 2:32 PM
Sinamars Jun 2016
Sinamars Jun 2016

We’re watching this stock called sinamars land and recently it released some news on its website

SOUTH TANGERANG, – Sinarmas Land officially announced the development of the Digital Hub area in southern BSD Green Office Park City, South Tangerang. –

It is currently testing the uptrend line of 0.47 and a break above that might see more upside to 0.49. It could consolidate to the end of the wedge so do that note of that see where it might potentially go .





21st September, 2015, 2:55 PM
Ezion Sept 2015
Ezion Sept 2015

Ezion, having recovered well despite market being down during the day, it had a late day movement and had a nice strong closing. With oil recovering in US trade if oil continue to sustain ezion might have a recovery to 80 cents and even to 0.825-0.83 cents subsequently. From there we will have to see how the market reacts. So be alert once it reaches there.




5th September, 2015, 7:56 AM

The STI broke it’s immediate support of 2877 on friday and saw selling throughout the day. With Dow closing lower on friday night we might expect the STI to move down and retest the previous support of 2808 level and if a break of that we might even see it go lower to test 2756 area and depending how bad the markets might be we will then update then again.

STI Sept 2015
STI Sept 2015

Yours Humbly