Nanofilm- [ First Upside Resistance Hit Among All The Noise]

23rd August, 2021, 7:49 PM

Nanofilm- [ First Upside Resistance Hit Among All The Noise]Nanofilm 23rd aug 2021

Chart Source: AdvisorXs 23rd aug 2021

Nanofilm fell over 40% over the last week due to its bad results and the leaving of its CEO and COO. This has caused quite a big stir in the company and the share price took a plunge. Analyst has been downgrading Nanofilm and investors are fleeing. But for us, we saw this as an opportunity. Nanofilm has been good to us over the last few months and we were waiting patiently for a good set up. We finally saw it last Wednesday as a nice base was being built around the $3.80 area and the company started its share buyback. We informed our clients from the message below as we found some it time to bargain hunt.

Nanofilm staged a come back over the last two days as it hang on to the support. The upwards swing in price caused some short covering as traders who shorted probably covered and took some profits. It has hit our first upside resistance target of 10%  and taking some profits might be wise. There is still some volatility around so taking it step by step.

We have drawn our next few upside target on the chart and remembering to take profit along the way. When the next downside comes then it’ll be another opportunity to go in.

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Nanofilm – [ Rebound Targets Met, All Time High Next? What Happened During Matching Today?]

27th May, 2021, 7:26 PM

Nanofilm – [ Rebound Targets Met, All Time High Next? What Happened During Matching Today?]

Chart source: Poemsview 27th May 2021

Nanofilm went above our expectation after covering the gap. Just over a week back, we mentioned that Nanofilm was finding a firm  support at around the $4.70 range. From then on it started its rebound climbing up steadily and eventually meeting our rebound targets. As a bonus, during the closing matching today, it actually closed a lot higher by 15 cents to eventually close at $5.41!

A possible reason might be rebalancing of the portfolio for  fund mangers as Nanofilm gets included in the MSCI small cap index together with IFast and some others. This might have caused the spike in the price as we saw some heavy matching for these stocks.

A pretty nice rebound for Nanofilm so fast, over 10% in just about a week. Nanofilm looks like it might challenge its all time high if $5.50 after which some profit taking is healthy in our view.

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Nanofilm – [ Rebound In Progress, But How Much Further? ]

21st May, 2021, 7:40 AM

Nanofilm – [ Rebound In Progress, But How Much Further? ]Nanofilm 21st May 2021

Chart source: Poemsview 21st May 2021

Nanofilm a stock that we just posted three days back saw a nice rebound after dropping 15% . This rebound saw a nice 4% upside in three days. It has now reached the downtrend resistance line that we were talking about in our previous post.  At the same time, it is also currently sitting at the 20ema so a break above that might signal more upside. Volume is starting to come back as traders start looking for a bargain. We’re quietly optimistic that this resistance might be overcomed.

Our next upside potential target is around $5.22.

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Nanofilm – [ What Do You Think? Rebound In Sight? ]

18th May, 2021, 7:15 AM

Nanofilm – [ What Do You Think? Rebound In Sight? ]Nanofilm 18th May 2021

Chart source: Poemsview 18th may 2021

Nanofilm corrected about  15% from the high of $5.50 to the low of $4.70. The $4.70 support has been tested twice last week and it looks like its holding for the time being. Could a rebound be in sight? It has been consolidating around this price range for the past week and if this holds we might see a nice rebound in sight.

Nanofilm is on our radar and we were glad that the previous times it moved to our favor.

Our support and resistance level are drawn up and if it manages to break above that downtrend line we might see a reversal in play.

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Nanofilm- [Gapping Up On JV With Temasek, Our Next Target?]

20th April, 2021, 9:26 PM

Nanofilm- [Gapping Up On JV With Temasek, Our Next Target?]Nanofilm 20th April 2021

Chart Source: Poemsview 20th April 2021

Good News greeted traders/shareholders of Nanofilm as they are forming a joint venture with Temasek to generate growth in the so-called “hydrogen economy”, increasingly touted as a cleaner substitute for the fossil-fuel economy.

The joint venture, Sydrogen Energy, will tap on Nanofilm’s capabilities in applying its advanced nano-coating to critical parts in fuel cell and electrolyser systems, which is poised to enjoy wider commercial application as more attention is focused on sustainability principles. More can be read from the article on

On the back of such news we saw Nanofilm gapping up and even broke its all time high of $5.48 before closing just below it.

Nanofilm was a stock which was on our watchlist since March and after its retracement we alerted our EXCLUSIVE CLIENTS on positive price action. (Take a look at the alerts above☝) It was trading at $4.92 then and once again just on Monday when it gave us another opportunity when it broke above its 5ema. All in all, Nanofilm has been moving up nicely achieving our upside targets.

From a technical perspective, some profit taking might come in at the all time high of $5.48 and after that we might see it push higher to new levels of around $5.54 then $5.59.

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