Straits Times Index – [ Rebound Rebound Rebound! Updates Updates!]

1st July, 2019, 9:09 PM

Straits Times Index – [ Rebound Rebound Rebound! Updates Updates!]

Chart Source: Poemsview 1st July 2019

Straits Times index or STI along with regional markets saw a nice upside after the G20 meeting. A positive outcome where US and China are ‘back on track‘ with no further trade tariffs in the near term as leaders will resume trade talks.

As for our STI, ever since we alerted our readers of the potential rebound on 5th June, STI has made a V shape recovery which is rather impressive in our humble opinion. STI is up close to 7% which in less than on month which is very good according to us. Many blue chips counter like Wilmar, Capitaland, UOL, our three local banks have seen a nice rebound.

If we take  a look at the chart now we can see that STI is nearing its resistance but if the bullish sentiments continues we might see it breakout of that and retest the previous high of 3400 area. We’re using the 5ema for now as a guide for the support as that has been supporting the index for the last few weeks.

Lets keep watch. Fed meeting is at the end of the month, could the market run ahead of it with a possibility of a rate cut?

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