Straits Times Index – [ A New Quarter Unfolds]

1st April, 2018, 10:29 PM

Straits Times Index – [ A New Quarter Unfolds] Straits Times Index 1st April 2018

Chart Source: Poemsview 1st April 2018

Straits Times Index or STI for short had a shaky first quarter and have  caused some panic amongst investors/traders. Its understandable why people are giving up on the market due to the whipsaw. Volatility has been increasing and frequent whipsaws are wiping trades out.

One advise we could give to our readers is to remain calm. Don’t overreact and be over bearish when the market comes down as you can see market rebound rather fast after a drop.

Be prepared to take profit fast and have a cut loss in mind too. Never let your loss run beyond control. You’ll be setting yourself up for a disappointing end.

If we observe the month of April for the STI we might see that for the last few years the straits times index tends to be moving up. Will history repeats itself? No one can be sure.

STI has a few hurdle to cross in order for its uptrend to continue. It has to first cover the gap at around 3443 after which the downtrend line which might be around 3500 level.

Its downside might be to the 200ma which has not been broken for the last 1 year. A break below that could either trigger more selling or a fake break down to around 3360 level.

We are cautiously optimistic but might change our trading plan fast to capitalize on the market’s movements.

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