[How To Trade Confidently Not Only In Best World And Avoid Costly Mistakes]

22nd August, 2017, 12:01 AM

[How To Trade Confidently Not Only In Best World And Avoid Costly Mistakes]Best World

Best World has been very volatile in the last few days even causing a circuit breaker on Friday .

We been getting some questions on Best World like whether one can chase it. Or where to buy? Can short now? If you have been following our postings on best world and ever since it broke the lower support channel line is has gone down furiously. Could one have shorted there? What are some of the considerations if one were to take a short  position there.

We’ll be sharing insight not only on Best World but strategies that can be repeated time after time. In our upcoming free workshop  you can also learn how to get out of a stock even before it crashes and where are the potential areas for re entry.

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Best World – [Heavy Profit Taking After Hitting Our Resistance]

17th August, 2017, 12:05 AM

Best World – [Heavy Profit Taking After Hitting Our Resistance] Best World

Following up on Best World from our previous post . Our targets were met and just as blogged profit taking came in and it was a heavy one. Hope no one got hurt during this process.

From the chart we can see that at 1.605 there was the up trend resistance which it failed to break up. And after that it started pulling back. What made it worse was that China had a crackdown on MLM which probably affected the sentiments for Best World. More can be read here.

You could also see the various lines we drew which best world smashed through. Would those warrant a short? Want to learn more about our trading strategies? How these simple strategies could help you have an edge over the markets. And fret not , you won’t even need to pay a single cent.

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Best World – [ Target Met! Results Are Out]

8th August, 2017, 12:35 AM

Best World – [ Target Met! Results Are Out]Best World

Best World has  met our target and we hoped you all learnt something from our sharing. It has also hit our upper trend line resistance too.

Best World has also released a set of good results and even increased their dividend policy. You can read more here

Should best world breaks out and stay above 1.60-1.605 we could see it move higher to 1.70. Something to note, after most companies report their results there has been some profit taking. So do watch for that during the day.

If you noticed, the 20 days moving average has cut the 50 days  moving average which is a good sign but had  you traded on the cross, you would have gotten in a lot later.

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Best World – [Best! 1 Cent More To Target!]

4th August, 2017, 12:01 AM

Best World – [Best! 1 Cent More To Target!]BW

Best World which we blogged on Monday night is fast closing in on our target of 1.60 first. Its the horizontal resistance and at the same time upper band of the trend line channel. We’ll raise our trailing stop of course to protect our profits.

Don’t forget its results will be out next Monday after market hours. So protecting some profit is good just in case of any rude shocks.

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Best World – In It’s Own World?

31st July, 2017, 11:14 PM

Best World – In It’s Own World?BW

Best World, currently sitting on the uptrend line that we drew.  It had a flushed last Friday to the uptrend support line and rebound from there. Even with market going up and down best world seems to be well supported

If Best World can clear 1.55 we might see it test the high of 1.60 again. Its results will be out on 7th Aug (Next Monday) after market. Recently counters like china aviation , china sunsine were some stocks that had heavy profit taking after their results were released. So do take note of the risk going closer into results day.

Our stop loss would be 1.47