Best World – [ Target Met! Results Are Out]

8th August, 2017, 12:35 AM

Best World – [ Target Met! Results Are Out]Best World

Best World has  met our target and we hoped you all learnt something from our sharing. It has also hit our upper trend line resistance too.

Best World has also released a set of good results and even increased their dividend policy. You can read more here

Should best world breaks out and stay above 1.60-1.605 we could see it move higher to 1.70. Something to note, after most companies report their results there has been some profit taking. So do watch for that during the day.

If you noticed, the 20 days moving average has cut the 50 days  moving average which is a good sign but had  you traded on the cross, you would have gotten in a lot later.

We’ll be conducting a free workshop on our trading strategy very soon so do keep a look out for it.




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