Best World – [ Advanced Warning Given, It Pays To Be Alert!]

25th February, 2019, 1:50 PM

Best World – [ Advanced Warning Given, It Pays To Be Alert!]Best World 25th Feb 2019

Chart Source: Poemsview 25th Feb 2019

Best World took a heavy fall over the last two trading sessions. Ever since the article from business times came out, Best World took a heavy beating and even requested for a trading halt in the afternoon of 18 feb.

From the Chart we could see that resistance at the top at around $3.30. Best world had  made a very quick run up over the last few months prompting SGX to query it a few times over the last few months. These are points to take note and to remain vigilant.

And just last Monday when we saw Best World trading at such speed we warned OUR CLIENTS to be cautious or stay out for the time being till there is more clarity.

Its better to be safe than sorry and better to miss out than to chase a stock and get hurt. We’re glad we alerted OUR CLIENTS so that they’ll make a more informed choice.

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