The Week Ahead March 2023 – [STI, HSI, NASDAQ & S&P]

5th March, 2023, 2:58 PM

As per last week’s update, we mentioned that markets were due for a rebound after coming down so much. The S&P500 touched the 200ma and the 38% Fibo retracement level which gave support for a rebound! What to look out for this week? Fed Chair testifies this week, once again market will look to what he has to say and if there is a chance of less aggressive interest rate hike and less hawkish statements. This could then give rise to another leg up.

Another to note, towards the end of the week, the usual NFP and IJC will also take spotlight as to how inflation might be.

And lastly, China’s “Two Sessions” is an annual parliamentary meeting that gathers delegates from across China to discuss and approve national priorities. China is also set to release its annual targets for GDP growth, inflation and employment. The meeting could last about 2 weeks. What’s interesting is that China tends to gain after the NPC meeting. Are you positioned for that?




HSI came to our near term support and bounced off and even broke through the downtrend line which has been resisting it. Volume came in as short sellers looked to cover while long traders took the chance to build their positions. As we been advocating, take the downside for the HSI to add in your long term positions. With this break, we might see the index trend higher in the coming weeks. The hang seng index could still do a re-test of the lower band of 20,110 and then start to move up towards 21,353. Hope you have added some long term positions! Baidu, Tencent is leading the charge!

Watch out for the NPC meeting that is currently taking place too. It could give clues to which sector to be focusing on.


STI was the only index that didn’t rebound, but we could be looking at some rebound this week as banks are also nearing their support. The immediate support for STI is at 3220 then 3181. We’re looking more for a rebound rather than shorting now. As banks make a big part of the STI, a move upwards could see it pull the STI up.

Its a big week ahead and things are looking up! Head over to our Facebook to read up more on the S&P500 and Nasdaq100. You don’t want to miss this.



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