Snippets Of Our Market Outlook & Sharing engagement On 23rd May @ SGX Auditorium

25th May, 2018, 1:04 PM

Snippets Of Our Market Outlook & Sharing engagement On 23rd May @ SGX Auditorium




We were so stoked given a chance to be speaking at SGX auditorium. It was a blast as shared all we knew openly to all.

Weeks of preparation have paid off as our client and members of the public went home with a clearer picture in mind of the market.

Will be updating more in the coming days and guess what , the stocks that we were looking at , some have STARTED TO MOVE ALREADY!




Market Outlook & Sharing Engagement for Second Quarter 2018

23rd May, 2018, 7:30 PM

Awesome April as some traders might have describe it.

April a traditionally good month for equities made no exception this year as our Straits Times Index moved up over 8% in this April from March. This observation was posted on our blog at the start of April for all to read and
orientate themselves better.

Did you position yourself for the rebound in April or was caught on the other end?


Oil and Banking sector had one of the strongest rebound but will it continue?


Now that April is over, what will the coming months entail?


Soccer World Cup is around the corner and what will happen to the market then?


How should You position yourself? And what sectors should we be looking at?


If you’re searching for answers then come 23rd May. Let our Top Tier Remisiers from Phillip Securities: Kelwin&Roy answer them for you.


With over 16 years of combined experience and numerous awards under their belt with the most recent being awarded the Top 10 Trading Representives in Phillip Securities, they bring their candid and simple sharing to everyone.


Using simple technical analysis, they have spotted the rebounds for the past few months as documented in their blog without any hindsight. For instance, during their client’s 1st Qtr market outlook seminar on 27th Feb they analysed that STI would be supported at 3340 which indeed STI bottomed out on 4th Apr with a day low of 3338 before rebounding and successfully retesting Jan’s high, which was again analysed on their blog on 18 Apr with STI reaching a new 10 Year high at 3641 in early May.


Come 23rd May and they will be sharing their market outlook in the coming months, the sectors to be looking at and also how to join their Vibrant Community of traders.


And for the first time ever they will be opening this event to the Public for their Insightful Quarterly Market Outlook Event.


Wait no more to secure your seat at

UMS – [ Caught The Downside Since April , 3 Simple Reasons For The Turn, Read On ]

17th May, 2018, 9:54 PM

UMS – [ Caught The Downside Since April , 3 Simple Reasons For The Turn, Read On ] UMS 17th May 2018

Chart Source : Poemsview 17th May 2018

UMS a stock that was on our shorting list back on 27thApril. We were closely monitoring this electronic related counter  at $1.07  as it started to show signs of weakness.

3 Simple Reasons Why It Turned Down 

  1. It couldn’t break the downtrend line which we drew back on 27th April
  2. It broke our horizontal support of $1.07
  3. The moving averages were starting to slop downwards

With our simple analysis we alerted our EXCLUSIVE CLIENTS regarding UMS.

As they say, the rest is history. UMS has fallen to the 200ma as Blogged for all to see, BUT as there was an xd, our downside target has been shifted to $0.99 instead, just one more pip.

Want to know more about our Simple Strategy which you can apply daily in the stock market?

Then our next event is FOR YOU!

Join us on 23rd May as we share our market outlook for the next few months and our simple strategy which we use every single day.

Don’t miss this chance to learn from our TOP TIER Remisiers Kelwin & Roy as  they take you through their daily set ups and insights of the market.



Kelwin &Roy