Capitaland – [ Landing Near Our Second Target, Anymore Downside?]

9th October, 2018, 4:00 PM

Capitaland – [ Landing Near Our Second Target, Anymore Downside?]Capitaland 9th Oct 2018

Chart Source: Poemsview 9th oct 2018

Capitaland has been down for the last 4 sessions and is coming close to our 2nd Downside Target of $3.19.

Our EXCLUSIVE CLIENTS were alerted of this SHORT trade analysis just last thursday and capitaland continue to fall ever since then.

Our potential Downside Target might be $3.19 and if that doesn’t hold then $3.15 next.

As Capitaland has moved down quite a bit for the last few days it is not too much to foresee a rebound very soon. A rebound might present an opportunity for more shorting.

Watch Closely.

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Capitlanad – [ More Downside Ahead? Does Your Chart Look Like This?]

18th September, 2018, 8:36 AM

Capitlanad – [ More Downside Ahead? Does Your Chart Look Like This?] Capitaland 18th Sept 2018

Chart Source: Poemsview 18th Sept 2018

Capitaland fell to our third target of $3.26 since of entry of $3.42 and found some support there which led to some rebound. A nice 5% downside for our EXCLUSIVE CLIENTS as we move step by step through this market.

So What now for Capitaland? We have drawn up a chart for Capitaland and watching that uptrend line which has been supporting Capitaland for the last 2 months. So if that and the horizontal support gives way. We might be seeing more downside

But if Capitaland manages to stay above $3.32 we might see a temp rebound. So we’re watching for the breaks. Watch Closely.

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Capitaland – [ Capitalizing On The Downwards Move]

5th September, 2018, 8:07 PM

Capitaland – [ Capitalizing On The Downwards Move] Capitaland 5th Sept 2018

Chart Source: Poemsview 5th Sept 2018

Capitaland part of the STI component wasn’t spared the selloff today and took a tumble of over 2%.

We’re glad our EXCLUSIVE CLIENTS were informed of Capitaland before it tumbled so that they had the time to Plan, Prepare and Perform.

Capitaland broke its uptrend line and started to make its way down to our first target of $3.35 which is also the 20ma and held there for today. A further breakdown from this support might see our next target of $3.31.

Asia market has been under performing in the recent months. Having a trade plan is important and having an extra pair of eyes to help navigate this treacherous market.


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Capitaland – [Rebound Came As Blogged, Next Target?]

30th April, 2018, 11:10 PM

Capitaland – [Rebound Came As Blogged, Next Target?]

Chart Source: Poemsview 30th April 2018

Capitaland a blue chip and one of singapore’s largest real estate company saw it reach our first target of $3.79 in less than two weeks.

We first spotted it  HERE when Capitaland was hovering around $3.70

As usual our exclusive clients were informed of the breakout at $3.70 on 18th April and the rest they say is history.

After hitting our resistance some pullback occur and we are now using our short term uptrend as a support guide.

If Capitaland manages to break above $3.79 convincingly we might see our next target of $3.85. We are using Poems CFD to swing this trade.

With much hype over property these days, will Capitaland and other property stocks tend to benefit? Some news below regarding the property sector.

We got our eyes set on some property counters.

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Capitaland – [ Capitalizing On A Rebound ]

13th April, 2018, 11:33 AM

Capitaland – [ Capitalizing On A Rebound ] Capitaland13th April 2018

Chart Souce: Poemsview 13th April 2018

Capitaland a blue chip and part of the Straits Times Index component stock had a nice rebound recently.

It had a nice move up after breaking above its downtrend line recently which was also at the  200 days moving average.

Capitaland is now facing another horizontal resistance at $3.70 and if it manages to break above that and stay above that we might see more upside.

With a rebound together with the recent market, where will Capitaland move to next? We’ll be keeping an eye out for this counter to see if the next upside move comes.

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Capitaland – Where To Now?

5th July, 2017, 12:55 AM

Capitaland – Where To Now? capitaland

Capitaland a property stock has been testing the short term downtrend that we drew a few times and can’t seem to break out from it yet.

If it fails to break we might see it head down towards 3.45 and if that horizontal support breaks then we might eventually see 3.39.

If it breaks above the downtrend line then Capitaland might face a few hurdle to cross . One of which is the  50 days moving average and the other uptrend line we drew.  So a stop loss above 3.58 can be placed.





Property Cooling Measures Tweaked – What Shall We Do Next?

12th March, 2017, 12:00 AM

Property Cooling Measures Tweaked – What Shall We Do Next?

On Friday just before noon, Singapore government announced some targeted tweaks to the property market cooling measures.

These are some of the main ones:

A reduction of existing  Seller’s Stamp Duty (SSD) rates for residential properties

  • Changes will see the SSD holding period cut from four years to three years
  • SSD rates will also be lowered by four percentage points for each tier
  • The rates apply to all homes bought on or after March 11

Current framework for the Total Debt Servicing Ratio (TDSR) will be relaxed. The 60% TDSR threshold will no longer apply to mortgage equity withdrawal loans with loan-tovalue ratios of 50% and below.

A new stamp Duty called the Additional Conveyance Duties (ACD) was introduced.

More of the tweaked cooling measures can be read here .

When the news was announced , you can just imagine what happened to our property counters in Singapore.

The FTSE ST Real Estate Holding and Development Index was up 2.5 per cent to 827.74 at 1.50pm.

CapitaLand jumped as much as 6.2 per cent to a high of S$3.79 each before closing at S$3.70, or a 3.6 per cent gain on the day.

City Developments shares soared to a high of S$10.59, or a 10.2 per cent rise, before ending with a 5.6 per cent gain at S$10.15.

Wing Tai was up 8.8 per cent to S$1.96 before closing at $1.935

It was a crazy afternoon instead and if you chased property counters immediately you would have some decent returns . We’ll just cover some counters over here and see how it plays out on monday.  News is out and now people are taking time to understand how much impact would this easing really be and could there be more easing coming along? Has the market overreacted on friday?  Did our property counters run before even the news came out?

We’ll take a look at a few charts and let you decide.



Capitaland resistance can be seen at 3.69-3.71 . If that breaks we could see potential upside to 3.90 . The swings could be wild as traders might be taking profit for those who bought earlier. Support or stop loss : 3.66 or 3.52

Wing Tai 


Wing tai surged a lot too and reached resistance too. Resistance at 1.935 then 1.96. If those break we might see $2 or even $2.06. The support would be 1.86 or the resistance turn support of 1.935. Always remember your stop loss.

Chip Eng Seng


Chip Eng Seng closed above its previous day high of 0.745. If it manage to stay above that next potential target could be 0.765 then 0.78. The support is at 0.73.



Guocoland at least managed to break above it’s mid term downtrend line but couldn’t close above it horizontal resistance of 1.90. A close above that might see it move to 1.945 and if momentum continues could see it cover gap to 1.985. Support or stop loss would be 1.865.

Do remember your risk and comfort level in chasing or even shorting on monday. For those who prefer a little less volatility you could wait for the dust to settle before deciding on a direction .




City Dev, Capitaland

14th November, 2016, 2:59 PM
City Dev Nov 2016
City Dev Nov 2016

City Dev to us can be a tricky stock as there are times when it moves up and down with many fake breakout and breakdown.

We’re using the 200ma as a guide this time as we did for mapletree Log( by the way it came down more today =) just shy of 0.05 of our target of 97 cents.

For city dev, its been above the 200ma for the last 7 months. So this has to hold and if it doesn’t then long term players might even let go of their holdings which could accelerate the downwards movement . 200ma stands at $8.35 we’ll only initiate a short if it breaks down convincingly. Entry can be 8.34 with a stop loss of 8.41. We’re putting a tight stop loss for this. But if you have a bigger tolerant then your stop loss could be at  8.69


Capitaland Nov 2016
Capitaland Nov 2016

Capitaland might see further downside to 2.95 area before we see some rebound depending on the market




15th September, 2016, 12:45 PM
Capitaland Sept 2016
Capitaland Sept 2016

As you all know we like to KISS ( keep it short and simple) . Capitaland is currently sitting on its 200ma and also on its uptrend line. So if you’re betting on Fed to keep the rates unchanged then you might try to go long around the support at around 3.07-3.09 area with a stop loss of 3.05 ( keeping it tight)
Or if you think that there will be a hike which might hurt property developers then wait for it to break the 200ma and the uptrend line before initiating a short position. With entry at 3.06 and stop loss at 3.13



18th August, 2016, 1:33 PM
Capitaland Aug 2016
Capitaland Aug 2016

Do you see what i see?? Capitaland came down this week as blogged on Sunday night. In fact, property stocks came down this week, counters like city dev, UOL came down. This was sent to our clients with CFD on monday during trading hours =) followed by city dev the next day.


So where to now for capitaland? It has reached its 200ma a good area to take some profit at least. We feel that there might be more downside if it breaks the 200ma to $3 first. It might hover around the support and then break down after that. So we’ll be looking to short when it breaks the 200ma . Remember your stop loss too ya.