Valuetronics – [ Up 17% In Two Days Since Entry]

14th August, 2017, 11:26 PM

Valuetronics – [ Up 17% In Two Days Since Entry]valuetronics

Valuetronics from our previous post has risen 17% since our entry. A strong set of results which can be seen here helped in lifting the price up today. We hope our readers have learnt a valuable lesson here.

It has moved up to $1 and closed slightly below it. We’ll want to see it overcome $1 in the coming days in order for it to move higher. Next possible target could be $1.05. We’ll be shifting our trailing stop to at least 0.95 in order to protect our profits.

Lastly, we’ll be conducting a FREE workshop next Wednesday ( 23rd Aug) for our readers where we’ll be sharing the simple techniques we been blogging on which you all have witnessed. More details will be out very soon. So do stay tune.




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