STI – [ Another Round of Updates]

20th February, 2018, 9:26 PM

STI – [ Another Round of Updates]Straits Times Index 20th Feb2018

Chart Source : Poemsview 20th Feb 2018

Straits Time Index (STI) had about 150 points rebound since the low of 3340 on 9th Feb. We been actively updating everyone on the movement of the STI since dow dived 666 points on 4th Feb spotting opportunities for a rebound.

Since then we been updating every few days over 3 post in under 2 weeks and never leaving our community alone at such time. We hope our readers have learnt a thing or two and made good use of the pullback.

For now the Straits Times index is currently resisted at around 3491 which is also near the 20 days moving average. We have seen the index making a good come back since our post . And one should lock in some profits at least.

STI could consolidate before making its move up. Some pullback to 3440 levels would present some chance for entry and a break above 3491 might see more upside to 3525 level.

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