Sembcorp Marine – [ Rebound Off Our Support]

27th February, 2018, 11:11 AM

Sembcorp Marine – [ Rebound Off Our Support]Sembcorp Marine 27th Feb 2018

Chart Source : Poemsview 27th Feb 2018

Sembcorp Marine had a nice bounce from our support of 2.16 which we blogged just last thursday evening. We anticipated more selling from Thursday close and indeed it came down to our support.

If Sembcorp Marine manages to stay above its 50ma at 2.24 we might see it move up to the next target of 2.36.

Market is moving now so we’ll keep the update short. Our Support is at 2.16 now and if that breaks 2.09 will be next.

As you can see from the chart, simple trendlines and support lines are key to your trading journey.

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Sembcorp Marine – [ Sinking or Floating? ]

22nd February, 2018, 5:44 PM

Sembcorp Marine – [ Sinking or Floating? ] Sembcorp Marine 22nd Feb 2018

Chart Source: Poemsview 22nd feb 2018

Sembcorp Marine reported its results in the morning before market opened with it sinking into the red for the fourth quarter with  a net loss of $33.78 million. More can be read here.

Also, during the briefing Sembcorp Marine confirmed yesterday that the Brazilian authorities have charged an individual over alleged illegal payments linked to drillship contracts won by the company’s units. More can be read here

Adding to that, some brokerage houses were downgading Sembcorp Marine.

What a turn for Sembcorp Marine. Just a few weeks back, brokerage houses were upgrading this counter and now its taking a bad hit.

If you have drawn a short term downtrend line we might have seen Sembcorp Marine being resisted. Also, do be careful holding a counter over earnings release. These are good measures to have in order not to be caught off guard the next day.

As for now there is a huge volume sell down and more selling might be coming. We’re putting our support at 2.22 then 2.16 area before deciding our next course of action. Lets wait for the dust to settle before entering.

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Sembcorp Marine – Down Today

19th April, 2017, 11:54 PM

Sembcorp Marine – Down TodaySMM

Sembcorp Marine been down 6% since it broke our support line of 1.83. It went to a low of 1.72 and rebound back to 1.74 just in a day after our post. Wow, that was fast. We hope our readers managed to learn something from this. =)

Sembcorp Marine saw an increased in volume today so we might see it trend lower in the coming days. It won’t be a in straight line and some rebound here might be expected with the downtrend line acting as the resistance.

We drew further support lines as our eventual targets and will update more when the time comes.

Congrats, you made it through mid week. Two more days to the weekend.




SembCorp Marine – Being Flexible and Turning Short

18th April, 2017, 11:56 PM

SembCorp Marine – Being Flexible and Turning Short


Following up from our previous post on Sembcorp Marine . We were waiting and hoping for it to break the downtrend line we drew but it never came.  It broke the horizontal support line of 1.83 instead and went down to a low of 1.80

In our post we mentioned if the support of 1.83 broke we would be turning the other way which is to go short. A lesson learnt here is to let the market tell you what it wants to do and not try to second guess it. Be flexible and go with the trend.  Sembcorp Marine went to a day low of 1.80 which is nearing the 50 days moving average. Our first support would be around there and if it can’t stay above that then we might see 1.74.

We would use Poems CFD to short and not do a naked short as we would like to hold our shorts for awhile.  Stop loss are in place.




SembCorp Marine – Holding Up Well

9th April, 2017, 11:31 PM

SembCorp Marine – Holding Up WellSMM

Sembcorp Marine is now on our radar and is a stock that we’ll be watching for the coming week. It’s been holding up well for the past week at around the horizontal support of 1.83.  It is currently being resisted by the downtrend line and nearing the end of it. We’re keeping track of it to see if it can breakout of it.

We’re hoping for a breakout in the coming days but if the support of the 1.83 doesn’t hold then we might turn the opposite direction. Our entry point would be above the downtrend line.

It will be a shorter week this week with only 4 trading days  as friday is Good Friday. Have a blessed week ahead.






Sembcorp Marine – Our warrior is up 20%

23rd February, 2017, 10:18 PM

Sembcorp Marine – Our warrior is up 20% smm

Sembcorp Marine had a wonderful run today after releasing its results. It has swing to a profit in Q4 which probably helped in lifting the price up. A future squeeze on short sellers also helped the price moved up sharply. In fact sembcorp marine is up 20% since our first post in just two weeks. Solid gains and we hope our readers managed to learn something through this.

If you have been following us for a while, Sembcorp Marine broke through our uptrend line which could be another possible entry. We have drawn a few possible resistance in the near term so don’t forget to shift up your trailing stop now.




Sembcorp Marine – Fought up to our target and more !

17th February, 2017, 10:18 PM

Sembcorp Marine – Fought up to our target and more ! Sembcorp marin

Sembcorp Marine related to the oil & gas sector saw a nice ride up this week. We posted it just a week back when we saw some strength as it still being supported by the 50 days moving average and the uptrend lines.

So what’s next for Sembcorp Marine since it has hit our target of 1.57? From the chart although it has broke through the resistance of 1.57 it didn’t manage to stay above it. We’ll need to see if it can stay above 1.57 if it does then we might see 1.60 .Also, don’t forget to shift your trailing stop loss up.  Slow and steady for sembcorp marine.

We hope our readers manage to learn and benefit from our sharing and had a great trading week. It’s time to take a break and have a restful weekend now. Recharge and be ready for next week.




Market Outlook for New Year 2017 – Oil and Oil stocks

12th January, 2017, 9:56 PM

Market Outlook for New Year 2017  – Oil and Oil stocks

The Market for Year 2016 was a pretty volatile year with lots of bullish surprises, January 2016 many markets started badly with US oil dived into 13- year lows of $26.15 before rallied more than double to $53 at 2016 close, helped by the November Opec agreements to cut oil output since 2008, which also caused many oil and gas related stocks to rally from their lows in 2016.

As 2016 progressed, the 2 potentially black swans events (Brexit and Usa Elections) turn into “white” swans effect instead, with the unexpected Brexit rally and the ”Trump rally “ powering the Dow jones to new highs after Donald Trump unexpectedly got elected .

Will Oil & Oil Stocks rebound continue in 2017?

This will largely depend on 2 main factors; First is Opec members and its allies (e.g  the Russians) need to adhere to the oil supply cut agreement they had in November.  Saudi, the Opec leader seems to be leading by example in implementing the oil production cuts.

Click on the news article by marketwatch dated 5 January 2017 for more details.

Secondly is how the return of the USA shale oil players, given the oil rise for past few months will impact the supply of oil in the market.  If oil can maintain a price range of between $40-$60, this could provide support for the oil stocks.

With that, let’s look at 2 big oil stocks for New Year 2017: Keppel Corp and Sembcorp Marine

Keppel Corp

Keppel Corp rallied about 25% from its Jan 2016 low $4.64 to its 2016 closing price of $5.79.  The Stock is now above its mid-term 50 day moving average and long term 200 day moving average, which may suggest the stock may be on a uptrend having rally from the bottom formed last year.

It is currently slightly below its horizontal resistance of $6.15, with $6.31 as the next strong resistance, which the stock needs to break above to have further upside in the mid-term.

Keppel corp 12 jan 2017


Semb Corp Marine

Sembcorp Marine rallied about 13.5% from Its September 2016 low of $1.215 to its 2016 closing price of $1.38. The Stock is above its mid-term 50 day moving average and is now at its long term 200 day moving average of $1.51 which is also its horizontal resistance.

If it can break and maintain above this $1.51 level, this may signal more upside for the stock in the midterm.

Sembcorp Marine 12 jan 2017


Ok folks that’s all on Market Outlook for New Year 2017 for now.

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Sembcorp Marine

11th December, 2016, 3:59 PM




Following up from our previous post of sembcorp marine , it did attempt to break the downtrend line of 1.48 and even its 200 days moving average but failed to stay above and had some retracement. But we’re still looking at it as on the weekly chart as it has broken above the downtrend line on the weekly chart.

Also, Opec and non opec agree on first global oil pact since 2001. ( This could spur oil prices up and we might see sembcorp marine moving up too. Our entry might be 1.485 and a stop loss of 1.42. Our first target 1.515 then 1.59