Capitaland – [ Recovery Play, Broke Out, Where Next? ]

16th March, 2021, 7:33 PM

Capitaland – [ Recovery Play, Broke Out, Where Next? ]Capitaland 16th March 2021

Chart Source: Poemsview 16th March 2021

Capitaland saw a nice push in its price as the recovery theme continues to be in play. Even some reits saw a rebound in their prices. It was about a week ago when Capitaland caught our eyes as it started to break above its downtrend resistance line. Upon this break, we alerted our EXCLUSIVE CLIENTS and soon enough Capitaland started its move. Another stock hongkong land had made a move earlier on and now its Capitaland’s turn!

It has hit our first target of $3.32 with a short term resistance of around $3.36 and then our second target of $3.41.

Volume also started to increase which could help sustain this rebound to our targets.

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