ThaiBev -[7% Upside Target Met,Thirst Quenched, Cheers! ]

14th November, 2018, 9:57 PM

ThaiBev -[7% Upside Target Met,Thirst Quenched, Cheers! ]
ThaiBev 14th Nov 2018

Chart Source:poemsview 14th Nov 2018

Thaibev part of the 30 STI component stock hits our second target as posted just last Friday! It has a nice upside of 7% since our trade analysis was shared just two weeks back

We’re satisfied with ThaiBev’s results and the next upside might be at around $0.68-0.685 which is the downtrend resistance line which we drew and also the 100ema is there. So it’s a confluence of resistance which might be a little tough to break.

So in the meantime we might be focusing on other stocks to rotate our resources.

ThaiBev was on our Shopping List when the market turned down and we’re glad it played out according to our plan.

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