SGX – [ Meeting Expectations, How To Swing This Trade]

9th February, 2022, 7:44 PM

SGX – [ Meeting Expectations, How To Swing This Trade]

Chart Source: Advisor XS 9th Feb 2022

The Singapore Exchange or SGX for short reported its results on Monday and most analyst were satisfied with the results. The biggest rerating came from Citi analyst upgrading it from a sell to a buy rating with a price target of $10.50. Some highlight of its results :

For the 1HFY2022 ended Dec 2021, SGX reported earnings of $219 million, down 8% y-o-y; adjusted earnings, which SGX claims is a more accurate reflection of its underlying earnings, was down 2% y-o-y.

Revenues of $522 million were flat y-o-y with higher operating expenses of $262 million, up 6% y-o-y, and operating profit of $260 million, down 7% y-o-y.

With more interest in local SPAC (Special Purpose Acquisition Company) listings , this could also support market velocity and fees moving forward for SGX.

Technical Outlook 

As we spotted SGX just a month back when it started to break above its downtrend line, it started to show resilience despite a negative sentiment around that time. For contra players, they might have taken some profits as SGX has risen in a few days. But in order to maximize the trade, a trade might consider using CFD in order to swing in with minimal cost. As our alert was at $9.50, we have seen SGX swinging to a high of $10.03 up over 5%.

There is some resistance between the range of $10.03 -10.10 and overcoming it might see SGX move up to , momentum and volume is building up for SGX and we might see it move to $10.50 before taking a break.

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SGX – [ When Will The Selling End? Signs To Look Out For]

14th March, 2019, 8:00 AM

SGX – [ When Will The Selling End? Signs To Look Out For]SGX 14th March 2019

Chart Source: Poemsview 14th March 2019

SGX or Singapore Exchange as some may call it  took  a heavy beating over the past week down 10% since the high of $8.05.

News came out that the Hong Kong stock exchange would start trading derivatives contracts based on Chinese-listed shares pose a new competitive threat to SGX.

Since then SGX gave up 2 months worth of gains in just 5 trading days!

Now is the selling over? Is the selling overdone? Is a rebound in sight? Here are a few things we’re looking out for

  1. For support to hold at$7.20 if not the next level at $7.10 area.
  2. For the volume to start decreasing might mean that selling is slowing down.
  3. For the candlestick to be smaller and not such a long range.
  4. For SGX to regain its hold on the 200ma and even the uptrend line which it has broken down from

Keeping a close eye on SGX for the next few days.

Is SGX on your watchlist?

What’s your trade plan for SGX like?

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SGX – [ Rebound Came As Blogged From Last Week, Filled The Gap, Next Target? ]

22nd October, 2018, 5:20 PM

SGX – [ Rebound Came As Blogged From Last Week, Filled The Gap, Next Target? ] SGX 22nd Oct 2018

Chart Source: Poemsview 22nd Oct 2018

SGX or Singapore Exchange just released its results for their  first quarter, more can be read HERE.

In addition, analyst have a rating ‘Buy’ for SGX too. Read about it HERE.

But did you see our blog last week?  We mentioned last thursday that if SGX manages to break above it $6.95 resistance it might cover the gap to reach $7.01 and $7.05 eventually. It reached all our targets and even exceeded it to reach $7.10.

What’s our next target? If SGX manages to close above $7.09 then we might see it attempt to reach $7.23 in the coming days.

SGX closed below $7.09 so lets watch the next few days to see how it performs.

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