Golden Energy – [ Commodities Run = HomeRun]

26th August, 2022, 4:17 PM

Golden Energy 26th Aug 2022

As we see commodities starting their rebound. One coal related stock stood out and we knew we had to alert our clients. That stock is none other than Golden Energy. It had corrected down from the high of 0.815 and the chance of a rebound was strong. Golden Energy recently reported a good set of results as expected and with that it gave us more confidence about this stock.

We have seen an 18% increase in just 3 days which is amazing if you ask us. Chasing this stock now is not somethin we’ll do as we don’t believe in chasing a stock that has moved up so much. Currently, we believe in taking profits off the table actually. $0.645 is one resistance then 0.675 region. Taking progressive profit is what we’ll do unless a short pullback comes.

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Golden Energy – [ Recovery Came and Went Up More Than 10%]

29th August, 2017, 11:50 PM

Golden Energy – [ Recovery Came and Went Up More Than 10%]golden en

Golden Energy a coal related stock which we blogged less than a week ago made a very nice recovery of more than 10% moving to a day high of 0.475.

A nice volume came in since we spotted the breakout at 0.42. It touched 0.42 three times and broke out. It is marching on towards our eventual target but of course being prudent we would want to shift our trailing stop up in order to protect our profits.

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Golden Energy – [ Recovery In Sight]

23rd August, 2017, 12:45 AM

Golden Energy – [ Recovery In Sight]golden

Recently Coal related stocks had some movement like Geo Energy and blackgold natural. We’ll be watching Golden Energy for this round.

What we like is that the base has been tested twice at around 0.36 and started to move and even breaking the downtrend line we drew. It is currently resisted by the 0.42 horizontal line but we might see it break through it in the coming days. The moving average are starting to slope up too.

Our entry would be 0.42 on wards with a stop loss of either 0.40 or 0.36. Golden Energy looks more like a swing trade so we’ll take it nice and slow. The rebound target ultimately could be at 50 cents.