Good Friday – Reflections

10th April, 2020, 8:56 AM

Good Friday – Reflections

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Words taken from Minister Tan Chuan Jin: ” As we enter Good Friday, our world is mired in turmoil as we do battle with an unseen enemy. Enveloping the world in a shroud of sickness and death, the light dims, casting long flickering shadows. In the darkness, we are gripped by fear and anxiety and by the unknown. “

But through this tough and uncertain times may we all find peace and hope from our faiths, from within us and from one another. May we not lose hope but rise up and rally as one.

As we take time off, may we take time to count of blessings, reflect and be thankful for what we have.

May our Christian friends find this day and the next few days to come with exceeding joy and filled with reflection of the death of resurrection of Our Lord.

May we also be a Samaritan to a neighbour in need, perhaps one who struggles to leave their home to get groceres, or who cannot cook or fend for themselves.

May our nation and people be richly blessed with wisdom , courage and love.






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