China Aviation – On radar once again

1st February, 2017, 10:46 PM


A Happy chinese new year to all our readers. We hope your new year was a good time spent with family and friends and of course getting some rest.

We hope the first few days of the chinese new year was also a profitable one for you. We’re now looking at china aviation which we have been posting over here.

It has risen to its resistance of 1.56 with an increased in volume today. We might be expecting a breakout soon and would be keeping an eye out for it. Two possible play on this.

  1. It could pull back to our uptrend line and over there we might consider an entry. (buying at support )
  2. Or it could breakout at 1.56 and we might consider an entry at 1.565. With a stop loss of 1.515.

We’re looking at 1.58 and if that breaks above 1.63 could be next

Do take note that China aviation will be reporting their results around 22-24th feb.




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