AEM – [ Watching It Closely For The Break!]

15th October, 2019, 5:52 PM

AEM – [ Watching It Closely For The Break!]AEM 15th Oct 2019

Chart Source: Poemsview 15th Oct 2019

AEM one of Singapore’s electronic stock broke through its $1.16 horizontal resistance and continued to march up to another major resistance at $1.23.

Currently $1.23 is a strong horizontal resistance and is also at the upper trend line resistance. Watching for this break and ensuring it can stay above the resistance.

Next possible target might be $1.29 if a successful break is here.

Lets watch it!




AEM – [ Up the AMP, Closing In To Our Third Target!]

18th January, 2019, 1:49 PM

AEM – [ Up the AMP, Closing In To Our Third Target!]

Chart Source: Poemsview 18th Jan 2019

AEM one of Singapore’s electronic counters, continues its move up as the general market continues on its bullish momentum.

AEM has since hit our second target of $0.925 and is one pip away from our third target of $0.96. Other electronic stocks like Hi-P has also shown some positive signs.

AEM was a stock that we share with our EXCLUSIVE CLIENTS back last week when it was just at $0.85.

It had a good run of over 12% in under two weeks  and we’re satisfied with the results. Perhaps a pullback might present an opportunity to scale back in. We’re watching to see if any pullback that might present some entry.

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AEM – [Off To A Good Start!]

7th January, 2019, 9:33 PM

AEM – [Off To A Good Start!]AEM 7th Jan 2019

Chart Source: Poemsview 7th Jan 2019

AEM one of Singapore’s electronic stock was off to a good start to the week. It moved up over 4% since our trade alert to our EXCLUSIVE CLIENTS at $0.85

From the morning AEM showed good signs of moving up by regaining its uptrend line support which prompted us to alert our clients.

The strength continued through the day which allowed AEM to hit our first  target of $0.885 and even went to a high of $0.895. A very nice run for a day.

If AEM continues to hold above $0.885 we might see our second target $0.925 being realized. Lets continue to watch.

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