Beware! Pullback Might Be Coming for This Counter!

10th April, 2023, 5:27 PM

This particular counter has seen a tremendous rise and is probably one of the best performing stock for 2022 and moving into 2023.

This counter is none other than Sembcorp Industries! This stock has given us many positive returns through the years and its one of our favourite counter to trade too.

As early as 2021 we started noticing this counter already and has since see positive returns. For 2022 we have given 6 alerts on Sembcorp Industries and have seen many positive returns after.

And for 2023 we have given 2 alerts so far which have seen over 10% upside each time we alerted our clients. You can start to see why Sembcorp Industries is one of our favourite stock now.

But as the saying goes, all good things have to come to an end? But don’t worry, this doesn’t mean the end for Sembcorp Industries. As the recent move as been quite powerful, a pullback is inevitable. We can see that Sembcorp Industries has been trying to break the $4.42 barrier but is unable to do so. Also, this is the first time that Sembcorp Industries has closed below the 5 and 10ema. In addition, indicators  A pullback might be on the cards which could take it to $4.19 first and even $4 for a sharper pullback.

Sembcorp Industries 10th April 2023

Source: DZH international Advisor 10th April 2023

Waiting for a better entry for Sembcorp Industries first before making any moves.

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