YZJ ShipBldg – [$1.53 Target Hit, Next Target? ]

27th February, 2018, 5:08 PM

YZJ ShipBldg – [$1.53 Target Hit, Next Target? ] Yzj ShipBldg 27th Feb 2018

Chart Source: Poemsview 27th Feb 2018

Yzj ShipBldg has reached our target of $1.53 since spotting it at $1.34 support. Its up close to 15% already so remember to protect your profits.

Its results might be out very soon. So do be cautious when trading yzj for the time being as we have seen many times with results earnings a stock can swing either way.

If Yzj manages to stay above 1.53-1.54 we might see it test the minor resistance of 1.57 then to 1.60.

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