Wilmar – [ Keeping A Close Eye On It]

26th April, 2018, 12:14 AM

Wilmar – [ Keeping A Close Eye On It]

Wilmar 26th April 2018

Chart Source: Poemsview 25th April 2018

Wilmar Asia’s leading agribusiness group has seen its share price slowly moving up recently.

Wilmar a blue chip and part of the STI index component stock hasn’t really followed the recent rally.

It could be a lagged as the commodity sector hasn’t really moved.

Could Wilmar start picking up?

Wilmar finally closed above the 200ma with some increase in volume.

Of course a better entry would be at $3.19 which our exclusive clients were informed of.

Lets continue to watch and see if wilmar can start climbing up to our target.

Some upside targets we might be looking at are $3.24 then $3.29.Watching our short term uptrend line too.

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