Straits Times Index – [ Where To Now?]

25th September, 2018, 8:36 AM

Straits Times Index – [ Where To Now?] Straits TImes Index 25th Sept 2018

Chart Source: Poemsview 25th Sept 2018

Straits Times Index seems to be resisted by the 50 days moving average yesterday as it hit there and came down.

Our Straits Times index staged a relatively impressive rebound from its double bottom of 3100 to a high of 3232 so a small pullback is not too much to ask for.

As its resisted by the 50ma, a pullback to around 3180 area might be possible which might present an opportunity to scale into the market for a rebound. At this level we’ll evaluate the market again.

A rebound might happen which might take us to around 3260 level. A break above the 50ma might signal more upside. So we’re watching for the break.

In the meantime we’re also having a watchlist of stocks for both rebound and for the downside too.

Do you have a watchlist?

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