OCBC – [Caught The Top Performing Index Stock On Our CNY Shopping List! ]

13th February, 2018, 9:38 PM

OCBC – [Caught The Top Performing Index Stock On Our CNY Shopping List! ]OCBC 13th Feb

Chart Source: Poemsview 13th Feb

OCBC had a nice rebound today emerging as the top performing index component stock up over 2% . Just see below. =)

Well,  it was on our TOP5 stocks shopping list catching the rebound at $12.25 and sending it to our exclusive clients over the weekend as we mentioned in our previous post. The recent pull back has presented a good opportunity to look for quality stocks which we mentioned previously too. Are you prepared? Have you gotten your shopping list ready?

OCBC having hit our first target of $12.61 had some retracement and closed below it. Its results will be out tomorrow before market opens. A positive results might see OCBC moving up to our next target of 12.80 and eventually back to $13.15.

A results below consensus could see it pullback to $11.80. We’re keeping our fingers crossed for a positive one.

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