IFast – [ Brutal 35% Sell Down, It Is Over Done?? ]

8th December, 2020, 2:49 PM

IFast – [ Brutal 35% Sell Down, It Is Over Done?? ]Ifast 8th Dec 2020

Chart Source : Poemsview 8th Dec 2020

Ifast didn’t manage to win the digital wholesale banking license announced last friday(4th Dec) evening and saw its stock HAMMERED down over 35% yesterday. What was interesting was that on Friday, Ifast saw a move up in price probably anticipating some sort of announcement and maybe even hopes of winning it. But who knows……It failed to win and eventually saw a MASSIVE GAP DOWN and would probably have trapped many retailers who chased on Friday.

So what’s our game plan now? Should we panic and sell out? These are some of our thoughts.

  1. Ifast said in their announcement that MAS is still reviewing whether to grant more of the DWB licences in the future and IFast is still committed in its pursuit of a digital banking licence. ” The Group will continue to work on improving its range of solutions and services to further add value to global investors, wealth advisers
    and corporates using its Business-to-Consumer (โ€œB2Cโ€), Business-to-Business and Fintech Solutions. ” This sounds positive to us and if MAS were to issue out new licences, Ifast could be a good potential winner next round.
  2. IFast together with PCCW is also a candidate to digitize the HK pension system. A win for this could boost Ifast bottom line. Of course if they fail to win this, it’ll be another set back. Dates for the results for this is still unknown. We’re neutral on this.
  3. A 35% sell down might not really be justifiable. A massive sell down of 35% might be overreacting to not winning the licence.
  4. Approval for securities dealing in Malaysia could boost its revenue growth. It is also continuing to grow its AUA from its hard work from the past few years. Positive for us

Lets take a look at the chart. We can see that there is a support at around $2.67 follow by $2.48. The resistance is around $2.95 then the 5ema of around $3.24. If you’re looking at a longer time frame, a scale in at various levels of around the range of $2.70- 2.90 might be a good opportunity. Our target in the longer run is for the price to cover the gap with $3.35 , 3.63 then $3.9 as our upside target. Don’t go all in at once but scale in your investment in 3-4 batches.

We’re hopefully of IFast longer termย  price and this might be a good opportunity to take advantage of the drop in price.

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