Gold – [ Let’s Talk More About It And Where It Might Be Heading Towards Part 1 ]

27th October, 2020, 7:07 AM

Gold – [ Let’s Talk More About It And Where It Might Be Heading Towards Part 1 ]

Chart Source: Poemsview 27th Oct 2020

GOLD! I’m sure most of us are not stranger to that word and have some interest in it. Gold is generally consider a safe-haven asset whenever markets are volatile and uncertain. The demand for gold is usually driven by market instability. We can see how much gold has risen ever since covid-19 hit causing one of the greatest rally in gold. Gold usually has a negative correlation to other assets like stocks and bonds but in recent times are we see US market trend up, gold has been on a steady climb. So remember to watch the charts and not just listen or read information without looking at the charts.

So are we too late into the gold rush? Let’s take a look at the charts to help us answer that. Currently gold is in a consolidation. With a lower support at around $1850 and and upper range of around $1931. Its below its 20 & 50ema of around $1907 so moving up above it is a first positive sign. It is also slightly below the short term uptrend line but regaining its foot above it at around $1914 would be another positive sign.

Biden and gold. So what will happen if Biden wins the US election? His plan for a huge stimulus might see gold prices moving up. Bigger stimulus might cause a weaker USD in the near term and has money is being pumped into the system inflation might start to creep in. Gold is usually a hedge for these events and we might even see gold retesting the high of $2000.

Next question would be how to invest in gold? We’ll cover some ways to invest in gold in our next blog post so stay tune!

Meanwhile, keeping a close watch on gold.




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