Capitaland – [Rebound Came As Blogged, Next Target?]

30th April, 2018, 11:10 PM

Capitaland – [Rebound Came As Blogged, Next Target?]

Chart Source: Poemsview 30th April 2018

Capitaland a blue chip and one of singapore’s largest real estate company saw it reach our first target of $3.79 in less than two weeks.

We first spotted it  HERE when Capitaland was hovering around $3.70

As usual our exclusive clients were informed of the breakout at $3.70 on 18th April and the rest they say is history.

After hitting our resistance some pullback occur and we are now using our short term uptrend as a support guide.

If Capitaland manages to break above $3.79 convincingly we might see our next target of $3.85. We are using Poems CFD to swing this trade.

With much hype over property these days, will Capitaland and other property stocks tend to benefit? Some news below regarding the property sector.

We got our eyes set on some property counters.

Do you have any on your list?

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