Oil Broke Out – How To Trade It And Using What?

31st May, 2022, 4:46 PM

Oil Broke Out – How To Trade It And Using What?

Oil has broke out after a long consolidation and it might head up to test the $130 level. It might not be heading up in a straight line with a re-test of the break out point of $118. With china opening up and usd weakening, these are some of the reason for oil to continue to march up. Now if you think that oil will be heading up in the next few weeks and even breaking above $130. What are some of the instruments you can be using to express this interest?

The most straight forward would probably be going long on the Oil cfd provided by poems as shown in the chart above. This would involve leverage and can be dangerous if not used properly. So do get yourself educated if you want to use cfd to express your interest in oil.

Another way would be to trade companies with oil exposure. A more indirect way. companies like REX and RH Petrol listed in Singapore. Or Petrol China (0857.HK) in Hong Kong. Halilburton (HAL), Exxon Mobil (XOM) are just some companies listed in the US exposed to oil.

So these are some ways to get your hands oily! =)



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