Yzj Shipbldg – [ Taking In Water, Will It Sink Further?]

11th October, 2018, 2:49 PM

Yzj Shipbldg – [ Taking In Water, Will It Sink Further?] Yzj Shipbldg 11th Oct 2018

Chart Source : Poemsview 11th Oct 2018

Yzj Shipbldg succumbed to the downside pressure and came down. It was trending up but even such an uptrend stock needs a break and that break might be now.

Our EXCLUSIVE CLIENTS were alerted on Monday of a potential downside. True enough it came and hit our first target of $1.20. Dow’s 800 points dropped took most of the stock market down with it and yzj shipbldg was not spared.

It is currently being supported by its horizontal support and the 20SMA. If it closes below that we might see more downside to $1.14.

Yzj Shipbldg is one of the more resilient stock in today’s meltdown. But if it can’t hold onto its support we might see further downside.

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