UMS – [ 7 Green Bars, Time To Take Profits? ]

18th March, 2021, 7:07 AM

UMS – [ 7 Green Bars, Time To Take Profits? ]UMS 18th March 2021

Chart source: Poemsview 18th March 2021

UMS has been up for the last 7 trading days and its up about 14% since our alert to our EXCLUSIVE CLIENTS. 

Venture the last of the electronic stocks finally saw some action after not moving for the last few days. Electronic stocks has seen a good rebound so is it time to book some profits? We have also suggested to our clients that taking some profits at this level might be a good thing from the message above.

Well, its up quite a bit after all and taking some profit off the table especially if you’re trading might be a wise thing to do. This way, you can free up some capital and move into another stock to stretch your dollar. Remember to always have a plan and if it hits your  target, take some profit and rotate your capital. Taking half or 3/4 profit at this stage is what we might do.

Our next potential resistance might be around $1.31

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